benefits of music

How Music Strengthens Emotional Development and Bonding

Music moves us.  It's a plain and simple truth, common to human beings all around the world since time began.  In fact, it's happened to you.  You hear a certain song, and it instantly and vividly takes you back to a specific time, place, and memory.  We know that there's a deep-seated and innate response [...]

New Thoughts for a New Year: Music for Music’s Sake

Happy New Year! It is my great honor to join the Kindermusik team as the editor of Minds on Music Blog. Music has and continues to be my life’s passion, and I am excited to curate a useful resource on behalf of this wonderful organization. Learn more about me here. We often read that music […]

Calm Your Baby by Singing

If there was something that could keep your baby calm for twice as long as anything else, would you use it?  New research from the University of Montreal has discovered the secret… singing to your baby! At Kindermusik, we could be considered something of an expert on not just what to sing to your baby, […]

7 Ways Music Teaches Kids Thankfulness

Music changes us.  Makes us better.  Helps us think.  Gives us a way to express ourselves.  Lifts our spirits.  Impacts our memory.  Gets us moving.  Boosts self-confidence.  Raises IQ and academic potential.  But music classes like Kindermusik can also instill values, perhaps one of the most important values being that of gratitude. The root of […]