Getting the Rhythm of Language Development

Our speech is made up of sounds, patterns, and rhythms, so it makes sense that being in a environment of sounds and developing a strong sense of rhythm and steady beat in the earliest years of childhood can positively impact language development.  Some researchers even go so far as to make the bold claim that […]

7 Ways Music Teaches Kids Thankfulness

Music changes us.  Makes us better.  Helps us think.  Gives us a way to express ourselves.  Lifts our spirits.  Impacts our memory.  Gets us moving.  Boosts self-confidence.  Raises IQ and academic potential.  But music classes like Kindermusik can also instill values, perhaps one of the most important values being that of gratitude. The root of […]

Top 3 Kindermusik Art Activities Used with Common Core

Looking for a few hands-on activities to expand your earth science or English Language Arts lessons for your early childhood classes? Here are three Kindermusik art activities teachers love to use in PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade. 3 Art Activities to Use to Support Common Core Lesson Plans 1. Life Cycle Unit: Egg Carton Caterpillar Use this […]

Why Parents Repeating Themselves is Good for Babies

  Every parent looks forward to hearing that first word.  That first sentence.  That first endearing conversation.  And now exciting new research gives insight into the kind of parent-baby verbal interaction that can best spur that language development on so that by the time the baby becomes a toddler, he/she actually has a larger vocabulary.  […]

What to Do When It’s a Rough Day in Kindermusik

Although it is not any more difficult to be a Kindermusik parent than it is to just be a parent, sometimes things happen in class that make it difficult to be a parent in Kindermusik class. So what to do when your child runs around, gets extra clingy, or acts out? First, just find your […]