Educator Spotlight: Yeoh Sheau long

One of the pioneers to introduce early childhood music in Malaysia, Yeoh Sheau long and her sister, Yeoh Sheau in, first brought Kindermusik to Malaysia in 1994.  Kindermusik at SIM grew from two students in Yeoh Sheau in’s inaugural class to a program that today has 15 licensed educators teaching over 50 Kindermusik classes at [...]

Kindermusik Classroom Instruments and their Big Brothers

The Kindermusik experience is very much process-based, allowing children (and parents!) to linger in the precious moments of childhood just a little longer and to celebrate everything that can make childhood both magical and musical. But that process isn’t open-ended.  In Kindermusik, we are deliberately and intentionally building a rich and experiential foundation of learning [...]

No Matter What – Sing to Your Child

It’s the viral video that made its rounds on Facebook and probably made you tear up a bit too.  A mom sings a sad love song to her 10-month baby, and the baby’s eyes well up.  Why does the baby have such an emotional reaction to the mother’s singing? In her article featuring this viral [...]

Book Review: The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco

The Keeping Quilt is the heartwarming biography of four generations of the author’s own immigrant Jewish family and the unique quilt that wraps all of the generations together. “’We will make a quilt to help us always remember home,” Anna’s mother said. ‘It will be like having the family in backhome Russia dance around us [...]

10 Reasons to Major in Music

The world needs musicians, and musicians can get their start early (hint, hint). To do many things in the world as a professional musician, it's often beneficial to continue music study past Kindermusik and into the higher ed realm. But many parents get scared when their son or daughter tells them, "Mom, Dad...I want to [...]