The Blues: Music and Mood

The Blues - one of the first American musical genres - has been with us now for well over a century. It finds its roots in the music of Africa, what ethnomusicologist Gerhard Kubik calls the "cradle of the blues." Early music made by African slaves used a great deal of call and response form; this is [...]

Groundhog Day Fun: Make Your Own Shadow Puppets

With all of the hype and focus on Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day is often overlooked --- except by the weatherman and the groundhog, of course.  As we all know, the big deal on Groundhog Day is whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, and if we have hope for an early spring or if [...]

Your Go-To Resource for Fun and Favorite Valentine’s Crafts Just for Young Children

If you’re looking for some simple and enjoyable Valentine’s crafts, look no further.  We’ve pulled together a few of our top favorites to share here with you so you could check off the Valentine’s needed for teacher, Grandma, Uncle Joe, and more, and best of all, so you could sprinkle in a little extra love, [...]

Mommy Re-Blog: Scary Mommy and Unexpected Visits

Do you have a toddler? Maybe two? I remember those days. Some mysterious force would put a quarter in my son and he'd be rarin' to go all day! He'd fight nap time. He'd make me question if I could keep up with him. And keeping the house in order? That was not high on the [...]

We Love Our Kindermusik Educators

Kindermusik programs worldwide are celebrating “We Love Kindermusik” month, and we thought it would be enormously appropriate to share just why we love our Kindermusik educators. Normally we have a regular monthly feature highlighting one of our very special educators. This month we want to highlight them ALL! Our Kindermusik educators are truly the heart [...]