Book Review – The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story

Nancy Rose is likely Canada's most patient photographer. She's also rather creative. In The Secret Life of Squirrels - A Love Story, Rose uses her skill with the camera, custom created miniature set pieces, and the natural curiosity of these adorable fur balls to tell a story that will bring a smile to kids and [...]

Fascinating DIY Play Time that Inspires Imagination and Creativity

Kids with great imaginations and boundless creativity may test your patience at times, but they are the ones with the brightest futures - the ones most likely to invent something fantastic or solve one of the world’s biggest problems.  And they are great problem solvers! It’s in the early years that we adults have the [...]

First Day of Spring Activities for Families

Some parts of the world are enjoying balmy temperatures right now. Others are digging out from snowstorms and wishing they could enjoy balmy temperatures sooner rather than later. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, we're approaching a momentous day - the first day of Spring! And we’re here to help you celebrate in an easy, family-friendly, [...]

Changing Lives with Music: Stephen Oliverson

Dr. Stephen Oliverson is principal of Provost Elementary in Provo, Utah. In 2014, Provost was named a National Title I Distinguished School, one of only 59 schools nationwide to receive this honor. What was Dr. Oliverson's secret to this success? The answer (which is no surprise to us): music. The instructional day was rearranged so [...]

Growing Up in Kindermusik

When I became licensed to teach Kindermusik way back in 1994, I never imagined what the next twenty-something years would hold for me…or the hundreds of children and families I’ve been privileged to hold in my heart all this time. Twenty plus years means that many of those babies I had in my lap are [...]