Everything You Needed to Know About a Kindermusik Class

What's it like taking a Kindermusik class? Curious? Haven't taken the step to a attend a free class in your area? Well, Theresa Case, a Maestro Kindermusik Educator and regular blogger for Minds on Music, answers just about every question you might have! You want the best for your child, and so you are considering [...]

Book Review: The Gardener and the Carpenter

Oxford University educated developmental psychologist Dr. Alison Gopnik brings us an excellent parenting book in The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children. In the field of childhood learning and development, Dr. Gopnik is a respected voice and frequent author. The Gardener and The Carpenter [...]

Educator Spotlight: Cathy Huser, Owner and Director of Kindermusik of Cleveland

For Cathy, the magic of teaching Kindermusik is about bringing music into the hearts of children and helping educate parents about the incredible, rich, developmental and musical benefits of music. Her Kindermusik kids lovingly call her Miss Cathy or Aunt Cathy, and one time she was “Miss Poffy.” With over 20 years experience and an [...]

Kindermusik Visits Broadway: A Review of STOMP

Down in the East Village on the southern end of Manhattan, a few blocks from the iconic Washington Square Arch, one finds the historic Orpheum Theatre. The Orpheum has seen its share of incredible performances, from Little Shop of Horrors, to showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Today, the walls echo the sounds of [...]

Preview: PBS’s Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs

Hey Kindermusik friends - do we have a great interview for you! Next week, we will feature an exclusive conversation with Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs. For the past 15 years, Steve has been delighting children with his live music all across the country. In 2008, he began a relationship with PBS as Mr. Steve, co-host [...]