Kindermusik Reviews: Cutie Sue and the Darkness

“She feared almost nothing except for one thing: She hated the nights and the darkness they’d bring.”Cutie Sue and the Darkness You know you have a winning combination in a bedtime story that’s as adorable as it is relatable.  Kids and parents alike understand what it’s like to be afraid of the dark.  And this [...]

Music of the Earth

Happy Earth Day! will be Earth Day in a couple days. First observed in 1970, Earth Day is intended to bring awareness to environmental issues and our interconnectedness to the only home we've ever known. Carl Sagan Said it best: "...That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, [...]

Can you Spoil your Baby? Probably Not

How many pictures of newborns have you seen in the moments after the little one arrived in the world? I'm talking about a specific category of photos - the beautiful shots of mothers holding their babies for the first time - that all important skin-to-skin contact. Medscape tells us this: ...newborns who are placed skin to [...]

Science Center Stage: Kids’ Brains Grow Faster with Music

We don’t just think music instruction has a cognitive impact; we know it does.  The science to prove it continues to pile up.  And it’s pretty exciting stuff when you’re talking about things like MRI’s, EEG’s, and behavioral testing being part of the proof. A recent study, begun by the Brain and Creativity Institute at [...]

Musical Traditions of Passover and Easter

It happens often - the Jewish observance of Passover and the Christian observance of Easter will coincide this week. Passover began today at sundown and continues until April 18th. Easter will be celebrated this coming Sunday, April 16th. The two holidays actually share an etymological root - Easter is still called Pascha in Greek, which in turn [...]