Turtle Dove: Music and Memories

Fare thee well, my dear, my own turtle dove, I must leave thee for a while. For though I go I will come back again, if I go ten thousand miles my dear, if I go ten thousand miles. When this song comes back through my rotation, every two years, I am slammed with overwhelming emotions […]

Want to Teach Toddlers Math Skills? Better Get Moving!

Early intervention matters in all areas of child development…from speech and language, motor skills, early literacy skills, positive behavior, and more. The sooner a child receives help the greater the impact. As educators, therapists, doctors, and researchers learn more and more how to identify early markers for intervention needs, children at risk for delays receive […]

The Importance of Intentional Play & Loving Connections in the Early Years

It’s hard not to goo and coo and tickle and cuddle and play peek-a-boo with a cute little baby.  But science is now discovering just exactly how important those goos, coos, tickles, cuddles, and peek-a-boos are, demonstrating that while Nature has a hand in how the brain is pre-wired, the brain depends very heavily on […]

Moments Worth Waiting For: Music & the Child with Special Needs

First smile. First time sitting up. First steps. First time saying “mama” or “dada.” Oh yes. Every parent can create a list of enduring moments worth waiting for and savoring. In the Kindermusik community, we concoct our own lists, too, and our collective heart for children and families overflows with the memories of how music […]

12 Song Lyrics Perfect for Kid’s Room (FREE PRINTABLES INCLUDED)

You don’t need to be a singer-songwriter to recognize that lyrics somehow perfectly capture an emotion or a moment in time. So, we put together a few of our favorite song lyrics that, well, perfectly capture parents’ dreams, wishes, hopes, and prayers for their young children. Plus, you can download them and use in your […]