La música del Primero de Mayo!

Kindermusik has Educators across the globe. In recognition of our international presence, we present Monday's post on the music of May Day in Spanish, translated by a member of our Marketing team, Mariana Dominguez de Bonilla. Muchas gracias, Mariana! Feliz primavera, a los amantes Kindermusik! Ayer fue el primero de mayo, día en que se [...]

The Music of May Day!

To read this post in Spanish, click here! Happy Spring, Kindermusik lovers! Yesterday was May 1st, which is historically celebrated as a springtime festival in many countries, with singing, dancing, games, and much more. Sometime in the 19th century, May Day also became a celebration of the worker, a sort of mid-year version of Labor [...]

Whisper, Talk, Sing: How the Voice Works

The Voice. Not the TV show - the aural presence of each of us. It's an amazing instrument, able to produce an incredible range of vocalizations. Think about the variety: a baby's cooing and crying; opera singing and hip hop rapping; the chants of a cheerleading squad and Buddhist monks. But how does it work? [...]

Moving and the Mind

When does the most powerful and sustaining learning happen?  Look in the window of any Kindermusik classroom, and you’ll see the answer right away.  The best and most effective learning happens when both body and mind are engaged.  Simply put, movement wakes up the brain, enhances understanding, and increases retention. Interestingly enough, researchers and professors […]

Educator Spotlight: Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson is the director of Music Connections Foundations in Bloomington, Illinois, where they have an award-winning Kindermusik program that is the highlight of their not-for-profit foundation. Music Connections became a Not for Profit Foundation in 2008 in order to broaden the impact of their Kindermusik program. To date, Music Connections has drastically increased their [...]