Simple Toys: The Best Gifts for Young Children

It’s THAT time of year. Believe it or not, it’s also time to start checking off your holiday gift list.

While “the most wonderful time of the year” can be magical, sometimes it feels overwhelming, especially when it comes to buying the perfect gifts for little ones. Between Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday savings, and all the other holiday ads, it’s hard to research before you buy. But here’s one piece of research you can count on: simple toys are BEST for development. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Gifts for Kids.

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Top 5 Under $5 Musical Stocking Stuffers

Top 5 Under $5 Musical Stocking Stuffers

The big gifts are great but who doesn’t love a holiday stocking? They’re a win-win for kids and parents.

The psychology of the stocking:

  • For kids: the joy and satisfaction of acquiring multiple gifts at once.
  • For parents: the opportunity to save $$$ by filling them with fun but affordable items.

But did you know there are plenty of engaging, educational, and lasting stocking stuffers under $5? 

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How Musical Routines Boost Family Productivity

How Musical Routines Boost Family Productivity


That would be the collective sigh of families as school begins. The “aaaahhhh” has some tinges of sadness…

How can the long, lazy days of summer be over?”

…but it also has a bit of relief behind it.

We can all FINALLY get back to a stable, predictable routine!”

Routines are at the heart of this relief—they bring motivation, productivity, comfort, and even relaxation. And musical routines can help secure healthy morning and evenings to jumpstart your family’s school year success.

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A Musical Summer Day | Creating Musical Memories

A Musical Summer Day - Kindermusik

Summer is the perfect time to bring music-making and nature together. Young children love exploring the world around them—from animals to plants to weather—and they love creating sound. In Kindermusik, we have a song for everything, turning your ordinary day into a musical summer day! Try these easy family activities to add a lovely tune to your day.

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Music Is Good For Everyone!

Music Is Good For Everyone!

We all know people who face challenges and have special needs. At some point, most of us face our own hurdles physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, relationally. Babies and toddlers, young children and teenagers, adults and retirees… Struggles are a part of the human condition and occur across all ages. Sometimes the struggles are temporary; other times they are a permanent part of life.

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