Kindermusik® International, the world’s leader in music and movement education, today announced a new  exclusive "Rock & Roar" program to bring the musical adventures of Disney Junior's newest hit series "The Lion Guard" to Kindermusik Studios throughout the United States.  Kicking off this February, the fun-filled, 45-60 minute classes for children ages 2-5 will explore [...]

Classical Music Myths Debunked

Hello music lovers! It’s your friendly neighborhood music doctor bringing you some truth about classical music. Perhaps “myths’ is the wrong word. Really, when we talk about classical music, we constantly deal with misconceptions. And perhaps we, in the “classical music world”, don’t do a good enough job reaching out to a broader public. Remember, [...]

Music in the Baby’s Cry

We are musical beings. From the beginning, we are designed to make music. It's in the rhythm of our movement, of our breathing. If we listen carefully, we can hear music in a baby's cooing, in her babbling. This music reassures us that our child is content. He's happy with the world around him. The [...]

Parenting Playlist: Music To Help Children Focus

Ok. Put on your seat belts. I'm going to take us back in time to the 1990s. Remember everyone's favorite purple dinosaur? Perhaps not everyone's favorite, but I bet you remember his Clean Up song! I used that song constantly with my two sons as they were growing up. It was magic. MAGIC, I tell you! No fussing, [...]

Realizing your Child’s Musical Potential

By Dr. Doreen Fryling, Ed.D. If you’re reading this, you are probably the parent of a young child. So, I know you’ve only got a minute. I’ll keep this short. You want your child to reap the benefits of a lifetime of music making. You’ve heard the buzz, read the articles about why music education [...]