Calm Your Baby by Singing

If there was something that could keep your baby calm for twice as long as anything else, would you use it?  New research from the University of Montreal has discovered the secret… singing to your baby!
Sing Your Heart Out

At Kindermusik, we could be considered something of an expert on not just what to sing to your baby, but also how to sing to your baby.  (And don’t panic.  Our suggestions have nothing to do with voice lessons or singing in public.)  Since we’re also all about making parenting a little easier and a whole lot more musical, here are some of our best tips for what and how to sing to your little one.  You can thank us later for being able to enjoy twice the amount of calm!

What to sing to your baby

You Are My Sunshine*
Love Somebody*
Everybody Loves Baby*
May There Always Be Sunshine
Golden Slumbers
Tell Me Why

FREEBIE! Download the songs marked with an asterisk (*) for free here.  Other songs are available for purchase here.

How to sing to your baby

  • Even if you’d never sing a solo in public, remember that your voice is the most beautiful sound in the world to your child.
  • Forgot the words?  No problem.  Humming works too!
  • While standing, gently sway to the steady beat as you sing.  The combination of your singing and the side-to-side pendulum-like motion is very soothing.
  • Use both the power of music and intentional touch.  After bath time, incorporate a little infant massage as you sing to your baby.
  • Sing in the car.  No one will ever know that it’s the third time around singing “Skinnamarink” because it’s your favorite song too!
  • Cuddle your baby close and rock together.  Your little one will love feeling the reassuring vibration of your vocal chords and the gentle thump of your heartbeat.

Looking for other ways to calm your baby?  Come visit a Kindermusik class and learn from an early childhood expert.

Shared by Kindermusik educator and award-winning program owner Theresa Case, who has loved every opportunity she’s had over the past 20-plus years to encourage parents to sing and bond with their babies.

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