You Make My Heart Sing DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

As a parent or an early childhood teacher, we encounter so many moments we want to hold in our hearts forever. We hope to always remember the way our baby felt snuggled in our arms or those chunky little toddler legs or the sounds of a roomful of little music makers.

At Kindermusik, we are in the memory-making business and we want to capture them all! Like this #KindermusikMovesMe moment of music-making on the stairs:


Capture the Memories in a “You Make My Heart Sing” Frame

During We Love Kindermusik Week, our hearts seem to overflow with love and memory-making moments. So, go ahead. Download, print, cut, and place this frame over your favorite picture. While this day will never come again, you can indeed hold it in your heart forever…and maybe even on your refrigerator, too!

You Make My Heart Sing Frame

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