Valentine’s Day

Love and Music: A Magical Connection

"It is the special province of music to move the heart."Johann Sebastian Bach I've said it before: music is magic. It's the strangest thing...something you can't physically touch can have such a tremendous impact on your emotional state. And it's pervasive. Marketing folks and film producers know this magic. They effectively use music to tug [...]

Simple DIY Crafts that Let Kids Be Creative and Expressive

Here at Kindermusik, we love sharing tips that help make parenting a little easier and also help bring out the best in your kids – including their creativity and self-expressiveness!  After all, one of the gifts of learning music and participating in a weekly music class is the beautiful way in which self-expression and creativity [...]

You Make My Heart Sing DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

As a parent or an early childhood teacher, we encounter so many moments we want to hold in our hearts forever. We hope to always remember the way our baby felt snuggled in our arms or those chunky little toddler legs or the sounds of a roomful of little music makers. At Kindermusik, we are in […]