Schools love Kindermusik because…

Kindermusik_PreschoolClassroom_MusicAndSensoryLearning“We are LOVING it.The kids are doing great. We have done it three days a week and they are not tired of it at all. I may just be imagining things, but some of my quiet kids are talking more. They are engaged and busy and doing exactly what I am asking them to do. We started lessons 3 and 4 today and I was shocked at what they remembered from last week! They were saying the poem and remembered all of the hand gestures. It has been so exciting to watch.” Jan B. – Preschool Intervention Program Teacher, SC

“Students who are physically impaired are jamming to the music and using vocabulary that they haven’t used before. Some children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders and have been totally nonverbal are not only using phrases, but complete sentences as well.” ~ Sheryl Koscso, Director of ECE Curriculum Instruction, FL


“I’m excited to report the language learning gains [from using Kindermusik curricula] were above the 70% significance level.” ~Penny Collins, Director of Special Education, Osceola County, Florida

“I have a wide range of needs in my classroom from significant visual impairment to developmental delay. The ABC Music & Me program accommodates all my students and has engaging activities that are easy to adapt for students with special needs. I would recommend the ABC Music & Me program to any Pre-K teacher.” ~Rebekah K., Pre-K Teacher, NC

Special needs ABC classroom“Good morning!  I just wanted to tell you about something wonderful that happened in my last ABC Music & Me lesson.  I have a student who has lower cognitive functioning and limited speech. He does not follow directions or imitate movements during music, etc. He LOVES listening to music and instruments but will either stick the instrument in his mouth or throw it to the floor. He refuses to play it, even with hand-over-hand assistance. We have been working with him since August and have seen little progress in his participation skills. Last week when we were doing our ABC lesson, he played two different instruments appropriately AND independently during the whole song segment! And he was imitating some of the movements that were going on during other segments as well!  My aide and I almost cried!  What a breakthrough for him!” ~ Kimberly L., Early Childhood Teacher

We Love Kindermusik

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