Educators Love Kindermusik Because…

Social-Badges-Educator Quote“I love Kindermusik because it settles the perfect conditions for grownups and children, strangers and friends, to play together as a bunch of friends!” ~ Miss Vane

“It brings together my two greatest loves; music and children.” ~ Johanna Clancy

“I love Kindermusik because they treat each educator like family! One of my teachers passed away and I received a sympathy card signed by the entire corporate office!!!!!! So grateful to be a Kindermusik business owner.” ~Stayc Sharrow Simpson


“I love Kindermusik because it is fulfilling to share my passion for music with children and their families! To play a part in providing a strong foundation to a child’s overall development, and a place where family bonds can be nurtured and strengthened brings me great JOY!” ~ Corrie Horn Rose

“I LOVE Kindermusik because it allows me to share with my students adventures around the farm, up in the sky, to the beach or even to the carnival… Each smile and hug and look of wonder makes it all worth it!” ~ Kindermusik with Miro

“From the day I stepped into the training room 17 years ago to just last week, KindermusikKindermusikMovesMe-Logo-Hashtag-2331x869-2331x869 has given me joy, purpose and friendships that have defined much of my life. I tell my Kindermusik trainees that the side benefit of becoming a Kindermusik educator are the wonderful friendships that are created among colleagues and parents – and the children, of course! Thank you for being a part of my life forever!” ~Julee Kowallis

“My students love kindermusik, the day is not complete without music and movement in the classroom.” ~ Tess Mari Poblador


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