Kids & Parents Love Kindermusik Because…

Music Class is the best

“Kindermusik started as a way for my daughter and I to spend an hour a week focused just on each other. Not only is it still that, it’s a chance for her to shine each week, have my undivided attention, and for me to experience the joy of childhood through her eyes.  We love our weekly Kindermusik classes!” ~Allie B.

“When I went to a trial of Kindermusik, I thought I was going to a singing class. It is so much more. Children learn to share, listen, express themselves and they don’t even know they are learning. They have so much fun and for my daughter, it increased her confidence 10 fold. Thank you Kindermusik.” ~Louise T.

“We love Kindermusik because it meets children where they are and embraces their individuality while also teaching them to create beautiful music.” ~Missy S.

“We love Kindermusik because it gives us a chance to sing dance and be silly all while bonding with our children and shaping their early childhood development and learning!” ~Deanna H.

Kindermusik Makes My Brain Bigger“My 3 year old is very shy but since we have started going to Kindermusik he is starting to open up and interact with others. I believe this will help him mentally, physically, and emotionally.” ~Jodi M.

“We started Kindermusik when my son was 2.  He has a speech problem and loved music. I wanted to help him grow in his love of music since language was going to be hard. Little did I know that music was the key to my son learning to speak. By summer, he was singing more words that he was speaking.  At age 4, we were working on growing sentence length. He was making only 2-3 word sentences and at the park one day he walked up to me and said “climb up ladder, slide down.” A song that we learned in Kindermusik made him learn to say that! I was so excited. Now age 5, he still loves to go every week. He has so must fun singing, dancing, and using his imagination.” ~Renee B.

“Kindermusik is amazing! I have been doing it for the past 7 years with my three kids. It’s wonderful for their language development, patience in taking turns, socialization, exposure and appreciation for different styles and types of music and instruments. I could go on an on… I recommend it to any mom/caregiver I meet. I believe in the power of Kindermusik 1000%!” ~ Christy B.

“I LOVE watching my child interact socially with other kids while singing and dancing her heart out.” ~Melissa B.

“We love Kindermusik because we have seen the difference it made with our kindergartener. In addition to music, she learned about math, nature, and other cultures. We take our three-year-old now and just love the bonding time with her and seeing her face light up when she is a part of the group!” ~Ricki S.


“We love Kindermusik because it is fun for every one of us, kids and parents alike. We also love it because it’s based on research and then translated into information parents can easily understand and use every day. The whole curriculum is very take-home-able!  Thank you, Kindermusik!” ~Julie Lee

“I love our Kindermusik class because as a working mom, it’s nice to have time carved out of our busy week to spend purely bonding with my baby, while he learns something new, spends some time with friends, and has a whole lot of fun dancing, singing, and playing!” ~ Tara M.

baby mom smile“It’s fun and very educational for the kids! The kids love the music and all the action involved. WE LOVE KINDERMUSIK!” ~Marisa H.

“We love Kindermusik because not only does it give us great musical experience, it also offers a real sense of community. That’s why, when we found out we are moving from Canada to the United States the first thing we did was look for a new Kindermusik family. I love that my son will have this sense of continuity even though we are moving countries!” ~Jasmine A.

“I have a rowdy little boy but since day one with Kindermusik he has completely connected with it. I come from a very musical family and I love that he can stop everything and really participate in the singing, dancing and instruments during class.  He can’t WAIT to show daddy when we get home. I love this program and have another baby on the way that will definitely be enrolled as well.” ~Hannah W.

“I love Kindermusik because it puts a huge smile on my son’s face every week! Nothing is better than seeing your child laugh, learn and grow at the same time! ” ~ Cheryl M.

“We love Kindermusik because it gives us HOPE that one day our daughter will see, hear and dance with us. Epilepsy, profound hearing loss, near blindness and Cerebral Palsy fade away whenever we are at Kindermusik. We witnessed with great joy her many ‘firsts’ in class – crawling, standing, assisted walking and we look forward to more. With Kindermusik we dare to dream again that we will one day hear her sing and see her dance all on her own, just like all her friends.” ~ Krissy O.

“My son is on the autism spectrum and I have found Kindermusik to be one of the best interventions we do. It incorporates language, brain development, social skills (to name a few!) in such a fun and relaxed manner. And what’s more the take home kits mean we continue the intervention at home.” ~ Beth M.


 #KindermusikMovesMe Challenges

Share your own personal story and how music (or Kindermusik as your life’s work) has inspired you.

Challenge #1: How Has Kindermusik Moved Me:

Show the world how Kindermusik has helped and inspired you and your family in your everyday lives. From your morning wake-up call to music or dance class to nap time to clean-up time. Capture these beautiful moments on video with your phone and upload to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with the hashtag #KindermusikMovesMe. The most memorable videos will be edited into a “Best of” video that will be shared on social media the week of March 2.

Challenge #1: Sing Your Heart Out Virtual Performance

From the impromptu home performance to singing in Kindermusik class to the more formal concert, capture and upload a video of those oh so adorable moments to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with the hashtag #KindermusikMovesMe.

Challenge #2: Finish the Kindermusik Lyric Challenge

  1.  Take a video using your phone and sing or play the FIRST line or stanza of your favorite song. Bonus points if it’s a Kindermusik song. Here’s an example challenge.
  2. Post the video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with the hashtag #KindermusikMovesMe
  3. Tag your family or friends and challenge them to record a video of themselves singing the next line or stanza in the song. They then can upload and tag their friends to do the same until you have completed the entire song.


The Deadline is February 28, 2015. Prize winners for above three challenges will now be announced the first week in March.

  • Three (3) instrument packages worth $100 for each challenge winner
  • Kindermusik selects ONE grand prize winner to receive an iPad with a years’ worth of Kindermusik@Home materials
  • Educator/studio of grand prize winner will receive an iPad and speaker system for the classroom

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