Kindermusik "plays" in Italy at Il Chiostro dei Bambini

Il Chiostro dei Bambini logoIl Chiostro dei Bambini was a three-day event that took place at The Diocesan Museum in the San’Eustorgio district, one of the most antique and monumental complexes of Milan, Italy. An exhibition dedicated to children and their families

was set up in the larger square courtyard of this museum built from joined units of the basilica and Dominican convent.

On invitation, over 40 stands of the best Kindergartens, language schools, programs, dance, art and sport associations were present along with Kindermusik! This event gave parents and their children the possibility to take part in numerous, games, workshops, performances and other extra-curricular activities, including activities for toddlers and other children.

Il Chiostro dei Bambini childrenA preview of baby and toddler music classes and more!

Along with meeting many like-minded people, who dedicate their lives to improve children’s education, the best part of the event for us was that many children were able to enjoy the magic of Kindermusik in this unique setting with mom and dad. During baby music classes or our other Kindermusik classes, it is always heartwarming to see the surprise on a mother’s face when her 7 month old baby interacts with an egg shaker or when a five year old responds to all the directions given in another language even though it is their first time meeting you. (Kindermusik in Italy is music, movement…and English!)

It was also an occasion for experienced and new educators from different parts of Italy to gather. Meghan Shanaphy, from Milan, was our star performer as she led two groups of over 30 children and their parents in an ABC English & Me Trip to the Farm!

As we were packing up the stand at the end of the three days, the Kindermusik purple balloons took off into the sky and we renewed our wish: “May the magic of Kindermusik reach all the children of this world.”

To experience the magic of Kindermusik with your child, find an educator near you and see why families all around the world love our baby and toddler music classes as well as our classes for older children, too.

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