Kindermusik in the News! Announcing Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play

MusicAndMovement_ClassesForBabies_KindermusikWithUtaThis week, Kindermusik International announced our newest curricula for babies and young toddlers through a press release, which continues to be shared through parenting and education websites, newsletters, and social media channels.

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New Music and Movement Classes from Kindermusik Engage Babies and Toddlers

Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play offer opportunities for young children to bond with parents while learning musical concepts and furthering brain development

GREENSBORO, NC – December 3, 2013Music and movement classes can spark learning in young children, and when done in conjunction with a parent, can help build bonds between parent and child. Parents seeking early development opportunities for children as young as newborns should check out two new classes offered by Kindermusik International. The classes Cuddle & Bounce, for children from birth to one year of age, and Sing & Play, for children from one to two years of age, use music and movement to nurture and guide learning. Parents can sign-up to try a free class by visiting


During weekly classes, parents and children engage in a mix of activities such as instrument exploration, dancing, singing, the learning of musical concepts like steady beat, tempo, and more. A licensed Kindermusik educator shares the developmental benefits behind the activities, and provides access to Kindermusik@Home online parenting resources including music and stories from class, tips for parents on how to communicate with their babies, and specific ideas on how to incorporate music and movement activities into the families’ daily routines and rituals. These classes for babies and toddlers are just the beginning of the Kindermusik journey, as their program extends through age seven.


Cuddle & Bounce celebrates the thrilling journey of a baby’s first year of life, focusing on:


  • Language and Vocal Development – Babies’ early language skills are nurtured as they imitate sounds, engage in lots of give-and-take conversations, and add to communicative abilities through sign language.
  • Brain Development – Through every movement, a baby’s brain synapses and the connections between neurons are created and strengthened.
  • Large and Small Motor Skills – Movement through music activities support stretching, kicking, rolling, crawling, sitting and standing independently will enhance large motor skills; playful activities such as reaching for or grasping objects will aid small motor skills.
  • Social-Emotional Development – Through lots of cuddling, playing, humming, and dancing, Kindermusik activities help build and strengthen parents’ relationship with children. Side-by-side play and group dance activities with other parents and children provide the important benefits of safe and early interactions with the wider social world.
  • Musical Development – Together, parents and babies will explore simple, baby-safe percussion instruments. Throughout hundreds of different Kindermusik music and movement activities, babies receive an early introduction to the songs, sounds, rhythms, and tempos of music from around the world.


The Sing & Play curriculum includes:


  • Movement & Physical Development Walking, jumping, marching, dancing, bouncing, and wiggling is fun, and strengthens young muscles and bones, improves balance, and helps new walkers be aware of what their bodies can do.
  • Exploration Time – A child’s natural curiosity is stimulated in an inviting environment full of specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, movements, interesting objects, and baby-safe props.
  • Language Development – By exploring new words and imitating sounds, young toddlers gain vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Instrument play and Musical concepts – Age-appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments enhance a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound, and encourage spontaneity and creativity. Even the littlest musicians and their parents benefit from early exposure to basic music fundamentals like loud and quiet, musical form, tempo, timbre, steady beat, and more.


"Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play classes give parents new opportunities to engage in safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate music-and-movement experiences with their very young babies and toddlers," said Debby Pool, vice president of product development for Kindermusik International. “We are excited to add these two new curricula to our offerings, and we are confident that these classes will give babies and new walkers a great early start in many critical domains of development and learning.”


To take advantage of these early childhood music programs, which later feed into Kindermusik International’s curricula for children through age seven, visit to find a class near you and try a class for free.


About Kindermusik International

Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of music, movement and literacy programs for young children, enjoyed by 2 million plus families in more than 70 countries. For more than 30 years, Kindermusik has helped children and their families discover how music can enrich their lives and lay the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. Kindermusik offers developmentally-specific educational programs for children ages newborn to seven. Kindermusik curriculum is taught by the best educators in the best schools and studios world-wide. Visit to find out more about Kindermusik’s music classes for kids and early childhood curriculum.


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Musical Learning Inspiration for your Little One


We’ve all had them… one of THOSE days when we’re at our wit’s end and fresh out of ideas for something – anything! – to cheer up an unhappy baby or to engage a very busy little toddler.  Or maybe it’s a really good day, and we just want to take advantage of the perfect opportunity for a little extra learning through music.
Kindermusik@HomeIf you are a Kindermusik parent, look no further than your Kindermusik @Home Materials that not only complement our newest curricula, but also give you instant access to music, activities, and e-books – all carefully designed with you and your little one in mind.
And no, we’re not suggesting that you turn over your device or tablet to your small child; but rather, we’re encouraging you that some of the best activities for kids and some of the most delightful music on the planet is right there at your fingertips!
We invite you to take a quick (and free!) peek at just what we’re talking about…

From Cuddle & Bounce, our new Baby Music Class for 0s and 1s

4 Non-Laundry Uses for a Laundry Basket4 (Non-Laundry) Uses for a Laundry Basket – Who knew?!
Crinkly, Furry, Bumpy, Strange – Learning by exploring textures of every day objects

From Sing & Play, our new Toddler Music Class for 1s and 2s

Lets Make a Dog HousePlay Ideas: Fill and Empty – Sure to keep your child occupied for hours!
Let’s Make a Doghouse – So much fun to do and then to enjoy

The secret is out…

These incredible resources that we call Kindermusik @Home Materials are really for the parents, just one of the ways that Kindermusik truly helps make great parenting just a little bit easier and a whole lot more musical.

Want to learn more about Kindermusik classes and Kindermusik @Home?  Try a FREE class on us!

Kindermusik International knows and respects that each family gets to decide what’s best for them when it comes to the issue of screen time or the use of technology and young children.  In creating our new digital tools and parenting resources, Kindermusik has read about and researched this topic thoroughly.  We have aligned our stance with that of the highly respected NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning, recognizing that children can benefit from a responsible and age-appropriate use of technology in combination with hands-on experiences and in partnership with an actively involved caregiver.  We are proud to bring these high-quality educational materials to your family in hopes we can truly embody the very best of both worlds- a responsible introduction to technology AND lots of hands-on, movement-rich, in-your-lap, down-on-the-floor learning.

Introducing two new Kindermusik classes: a baby music class and a toddler music class

Have you meet the newest members of the Kindermusik family? We are talking about our two newest Kindermusik classes: Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play. Babies and toddlers grow and learn at an amazing

pace. Seemingly one minute your child needs to be swaddled up snuggly and the next minute your little one wobbles (or runs!) around the room. In our Kindermusik baby music classes and toddler music classes, we use music and movement to nurture and guide all the learning that takes place during these years.

New baby music class: Cuddle & Bounce

Cuddle & Bounce logoBabies grow by leaps and bounds their first year—or more accurately by grasps and scoots. In our new baby music class, Cuddle & Bounce, we nurture a baby’s development through music and movement activities that also support a parent’s role as a child’s first and best teacher. Monthly lessons might focus on language and vocal development, brain development, fine- and gross-motor skills, social-emotional development, and musical development. Enrollment includes access to Kindermusik@Home, where parents and caregivers can download the music from class, gain developmental insights behind the activities, find practical tips to support your baby’s development, and more.

New toddler music class: Sing & Play

Sing & Play logoYour child will love playing, moving, and singing in this high-energy toddler music class. Sing & Play includes activities for toddlers with a special emphasis on movement and vocal development—two major areas of growth for toddlers. Monthly lessons include instrument play, dance, exploration time, musical concepts, together time, and expert advice offering insight behind these activities for toddlers. Plus, enrollment includes access to Kindermusik@Home, where parents and caregivers can download the music from class, read a monthly eBook during storytime at home, go on virtual field trips, discover new ideas for activities for toddlers, and more!

Cuddle & Bounce / Sing & PlayCome experience for yourself our two new Kindermusik classes! Classes also available for older children and families. Contact a local educator and try a free class!







Kindermusik "plays" in Italy at Il Chiostro dei Bambini

Il Chiostro dei Bambini logoIl Chiostro dei Bambini was a three-day event that took place at The Diocesan Museum in the San’Eustorgio district, one of the most antique and monumental complexes of Milan, Italy. An exhibition dedicated to children and their families

was set up in the larger square courtyard of this museum built from joined units of the basilica and Dominican convent.

On invitation, over 40 stands of the best Kindergartens, language schools, programs, dance, art and sport associations were present along with Kindermusik! This event gave parents and their children the possibility to take part in numerous, games, workshops, performances and other extra-curricular activities, including activities for toddlers and other children.

Il Chiostro dei Bambini childrenA preview of baby and toddler music classes and more!

Along with meeting many like-minded people, who dedicate their lives to improve children’s education, the best part of the event for us was that many children were able to enjoy the magic of Kindermusik in this unique setting with mom and dad. During baby music classes or our other Kindermusik classes, it is always heartwarming to see the surprise on a mother’s face when her 7 month old baby interacts with an egg shaker or when a five year old responds to all the directions given in another language even though it is their first time meeting you. (Kindermusik in Italy is music, movement…and English!)

It was also an occasion for experienced and new educators from different parts of Italy to gather. Meghan Shanaphy, from Milan, was our star performer as she led two groups of over 30 children and their parents in an ABC English & Me Trip to the Farm!

As we were packing up the stand at the end of the three days, the Kindermusik purple balloons took off into the sky and we renewed our wish: “May the magic of Kindermusik reach all the children of this world.”

To experience the magic of Kindermusik with your child, find an educator near you and see why families all around the world love our baby and toddler music classes as well as our classes for older children, too.