Introducing two new Kindermusik classes: a baby music class and a toddler music class

Have you meet the newest members of the Kindermusik family? We are talking about our two newest Kindermusik classes: Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play. Babies and toddlers grow and learn at an amazing

pace. Seemingly one minute your child needs to be swaddled up snuggly and the next minute your little one wobbles (or runs!) around the room. In our Kindermusik baby music classes and toddler music classes, we use music and movement to nurture and guide all the learning that takes place during these years.

New baby music class: Cuddle & Bounce

Cuddle & Bounce logoBabies grow by leaps and bounds their first year—or more accurately by grasps and scoots. In our new baby music class, Cuddle & Bounce, we nurture a baby’s development through music and movement activities that also support a parent’s role as a child’s first and best teacher. Monthly lessons might focus on language and vocal development, brain development, fine- and gross-motor skills, social-emotional development, and musical development. Enrollment includes access to Kindermusik@Home, where parents and caregivers can download the music from class, gain developmental insights behind the activities, find practical tips to support your baby’s development, and more.

New toddler music class: Sing & Play

Sing & Play logoYour child will love playing, moving, and singing in this high-energy toddler music class. Sing & Play includes activities for toddlers with a special emphasis on movement and vocal development—two major areas of growth for toddlers. Monthly lessons include instrument play, dance, exploration time, musical concepts, together time, and expert advice offering insight behind these activities for toddlers. Plus, enrollment includes access to Kindermusik@Home, where parents and caregivers can download the music from class, read a monthly eBook during storytime at home, go on virtual field trips, discover new ideas for activities for toddlers, and more!

Cuddle & Bounce / Sing & PlayCome experience for yourself our two new Kindermusik classes! Classes also available for older children and families. Contact a local educator and try a free class!







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