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Learning Games for Kids. Educational Activities beyond the Classroom, into Your Home

Our Kindermusik Educators are terrific guides to the fun and learning that take place in Kindermusik classes. Still, the role of the parent is paramount in early childhood development.


In a Kindermusik class, guided by our expert Educators, you'll explore songs, stories, recordings of many musical genres, instruments, props, and so much more. You'll learn not just how to enjoy musical activities aimed at fostering the total development of your child but why these activities are beneficial. But, we firmly believe that the best learning starts when class is over and you tap into the wealth of resources available that help make great parenting easier every day of the week! 


Kindermusik@Home is filled with educational activities for kids and can spark tremendous creative energy or calm ticking minds for rest. Our songs and poems help make transitions easier…to bed, to bath, to car seat. You’ll visit magical places in our videos and have stories to imagine and share. You’ll play games that reinforce developmental learning concepts. Through Kindermusik, your child will love the learning games for kids while reaping the cognitive developmental benefits - and you will have the perfect tools to make it fun.


How is Kindermusik different at home than in the classroom?

The class provides the benefit of social interactions, both for the children and the adults. In addition to participating, children are also observing and learning from the other children. Group dances and instrument play-alongs are magical, reinforcing the joy of community. With the educator's guidance, both the short and long term benefits of the activities are understood.  And that hour away from the hustle bustle of schedules provides much coveted time to relax and enjoy being with your child. At home, each child is able to delve deeper into the activities in which he or she is most interested. At home, there is no time limit for exploring and repeating the most-loved songs and movement games. And nothing secures learning more than being engaged with mom, dad or family.


What about limiting screen time?

Although Kindermusik@Home is available from mobile devices, tablets, and computers, many of the activities help parents take the learning offline – encouraging families to make a craft like a homemade instrument or a daybook, dance and imitate what they see on screen, or go out on a field trip. At Kindermusik, we recognize the sensitivity to screen time.


To learn more about proper use of screen time, view the joint position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning on using technology and interactive media as early education tools.


Kindermusik helps fill in the gaps

Not all parents have an education or music degree, but few would argue that education concepts and musical activities are important to raising a child.  Kindermusik Educators fill in these gaps with information and tools that might even surpass those degrees. All the music enjoyed in class is available to use at home. The benefits shared by the teacher in class are supported and further clarified in the digital home materials. The experience of the class itself is worth several semesters of Early Childhood and Music education courses. You are your child's best teacher, and Kindermusik provides the tools and fun quotient to make being the very best parent possible much easier.


Kindermusik@Home Testimonials

Anonymous testimonies from parents using Kindermusik@Home:

  • My two year old asks pretty much every day to view something on the site. His favorite thing is the videos (farmer's market and visit to the farm). He also really enjoys the online books. What I like best is that it is easy to use and there are ideas for home activities. I have recommended this program to others because I think it is really helping my son with his development.
  • We love music and dance. It is fun and educational. We enjoy the online program with the music and especially the games and books. This is our third class we have participated in and have been very pleased with the program!
Kindermusik@Home - Educational Activities For Kids


  • Kindermusik for us is not just about the weekly class. My kids love to build up on what we did in the class from the previous week and explore other stories at home. We love the support we get from the class and online at home. I am so glad for me and my family that we have been introduced to Kindermusik. I am so excited to go on this journey with my children and we will all blossom in the process. Thank you!
  • We use the digital resources all week long, and they fill our week with entertaining and fun activities and music. Thank you Kindermusik!
  • It is the perfect way to have fun and learn with your child. Our family loves music and now we know ways to make it educational. We learn in class and can continue learning at home.
Try this at home!

Animals Are Silly, Too!

No one can resist a cute animal being silly, or a silly animal being cute. But here’s your challenge: instead of just WATCHING this charming video, can you IMITATE each animal?
Try this at home!

Five Little Seagulls

Start with five little seagulls, then watch as one by one, they disappear! This silly poem provides a friendly introduction to subtraction, as it repeats and varies with seashells, turtles, and other seaside favorites.
Try this at home!

Monster Parade

Eeek! Monsters! Have no fear. These friendly musical monsters are just here to play a game with you. Want to play?
Try this at home!

Spider Legs

This silly game challenges memory and basic logic, as short-legged and long-legged spiders go about their roller-skating, basketball-playing, lollipop-licking ways, and you’re left to sort them all out.
Try this at home!

Let's Go to the Carnival!

Let’s go on a field trip. Come along to see the sights and hear the sounds of a real carnival! Can you smell the popcorn?
Try this at home!

Stroll Around Town

Hop in, buckle up, we’re gonna stroll…er…ROLL all around town! Past playgrounds, outdoor cafes, storefronts, and parks—and right on into the pet store, toy store, and more!