10 Ways Music Gives Teachers Super Powers

MusicIsATeachersSecretSuperPower_Kindermusik_Square (2)For over 30 years now, we here at Kindermusik International have been empowering music teachers all around the world with a special kind of super power – the power of music.

10 Ways Music Gives Teachers Secret Super Powers

Secret Super Power #1: Engaging a child’s mind, as well as his heart.  Many studies over the past two decades have suggested that there is a strong connection between music, learning, and academic success.
Secret Super Power #2:  Stimulating development in every area of the brain.  Music powerfully affects brain development including vision, balance, hearing, speech, behavior, sensation, skill, movement, and emotion.
Secret Super Power #3: Capitalizing on the close connections between music, movement, and learning.  It is movement, often in response to music, that “…integrates and anchors new information into our neural networks,” according to Dr. Carla Hannaford.
Secret Super Power #4: Making classroom routines and transitions easier.  Using a simple song or rhythmic chant  to transition from one activity to the next is often more effective – and more fun! – than verbal instructions.
Secret Super Power #5: Accessing a powerful tool that makes learning stick.  Ever met an adult who learned the state capitals of the United States by singing a song?  They can probably still sing all of those capitals!
Secret Super Power #6: Changing the energy level in the room at the touch of a button.  (The “play” button on your device, that is!)  Whether it’s a need for calm or a need for more focus, music can make the difference.
Secret Super Power #7: Music creates a positive atmosphere that enhances learning potential.  A classroom without music is like a teacher without a smile!  Music is one of the joys of life, and it can also result in more joyous and motivated learning.
Secret Super Power #8: Facilitating multi-sensory learning.  Children who learn through more than one sense tend to have the kinds of cognitive connections and associations that allow for more ways for information to be remembered, retained, and recalled.
Secret Super Power #9: Enhancing self-confidence and friendship through shared musical experiences.  Music has a way of bringing people together, and no where can this be more true than in a classroom.
Secret Super Power #10: Touching places in the heart that nothing else can.  Humans are innately musical beings, and we respond instinctively to the power of music.

For more ideas about integrating music into the classroom (and improving your super powers!), we recommend this article from the Johns Hopkins School of Education.  You can also learn more HERE about becoming a licensed Kindermusik educator.
And to all of the teachers who make such a difference in the hearts, minds, and lives of children every day… Happy National Teacher Day!  (Celebrated in the United States on May 7 and in Columbia/Mexico on May 15)

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