How Kindermusik Graduates are Prepared to Succeed

Young Child students play glockenspiel dulcimer drum and recorderThis is the time of year when many Kindermusik educators are bidding a fond farewell to their Kindermusik graduates – a bittersweet time for sure!  But they are sent way with so much pride, not just because of their accomplishments, but because of how Kindermusik has prepared them to succeed.

How Kindermusik Graduates are Prepared to Succeed

Musically – With hands-on experience with musical instruments and musical concepts under their belts, Kindermusik graduates are ready to take the next step into formal music instruction.  The rich foundation that was laid in the early years with Kindermusik uniquely prepares a child not just to do well, but to excel in music lessons.
Cognitively – Experiencing music with Kindermusik affects nearly every kind of intelligence and stimulates development in every area of the brain.  Kindermusik kids are problem solvers, creative thinkers, and eager learners.  They have strong, independent reasoning skills.
Creatively – Kindermusik kids have been given the freedom to be self-expressive, to explore the possibilities, and to think outside of the box.  Their imaginations have been encouraged and their minds stretched to think in terms of possibilities and “what if’s.”
Emotionally – Being in the safe, nurturing environment that Kindermusik provides has helped develop the key social skills and resilience that are essential for school-readiness and success.  Kindermusik kids are well-adjusted and socially adept.
Socially – Self-confidence and the ability to cooperate and work together in a group are just some of the social skills that set Kindermusik kids apart.  The friendships that blossom in Kindermusik and the sense of belonging that results imbue a sense of confidence and emotional well-being and connectedness that last long after graduation from Kindermusik.
Physically – Kindermusik graduates know how to move!  They’ve developed a sense of self, learned to move creatively, and experienced the joy of movement.  Kindermusik has provided these graduates with opportunities for noncompetitive, success-oriented, creative experiences. Gross and fine motor skills have been refined.
Aesthetically – A child in Kindermusik develops an appreciation of the arts and is more aware of the beauty around him.  His soul has been touched by the power of music during the early years when these kinds of musical and aesthetic experiences have the greatest impact.

YC Grad 5Poised for success in music, in school, and in life.

Kindermusik kids are ready… perfectly poised to succeed in music, in school, and in life.  And the path to readiness has been filled with exuberant delight, happy memories, and joyful learning – all of it accomplished through the power of music and an experience that is uniquely Kindermusik.
Congratulations, Kindermusik graduates!  We couldn’t be prouder.

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