Why Kindermusik Parents Make Great Kindermusik Teachers

mom and child bond in KindermusikAs a Kindermusik program owner, some of the very best teachers I’ve ever hired were Kindermusik parents first. So I am a firm believer that Kindermusik parents make great Kindermusik teachers!

Kindermusik parents who become Kindermusik teachers…

  • have seen first-hand what teaching children in Kindermusik means for the educator, for the parents, and for the children.
  • have hearts big enough to love other people’s children almost as much as they love their own.
  • bring a unique perspective to their teaching because they understand how a Kindermusik parent thinks and feels.
  • relate well to other parents because they all have something in common – they have kids in Kindermusik!
  • have a leg up because they’ve had the opportunity to learn by actively observing and participating in many Kindermusik classes.
  • are familiar with how a Kindermusik program runs and have a vested interest in the program they have enrolled their child in.
  • have the passion and appreciation of both parent and educator for the value of musical learning and the power of Kindermusik.
  • understand what it means to benefit from the Kindermusik experience in class and from the Kindermusik Home Materials all week in between at home.
  • know and love Kindermusik because they’ve seen it through their own child’s eyes.

Are you a Kindermusik parent who’s Interested in becoming a Kindermusik educator? Talk to your local Kindermusik educator today and take a look at some helpful information on KI’s website. You’ll be glad you did!

Shared by Theresa Case who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC, and is always happy when one of her Kindermusik parents expresses interest in teaching Kindermusik for her!

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