Music Makes the Moment

I live a life of music. I’m surrounded by it. In my role as Editor of Minds on Music, I regularly write and read articles about it. I conduct several choirs here in the Pittsburgh area, both at my University and in the city. I travel the country working with groups as a guest conductor with people from 12 to 90. I compose. I sing. Yes, I live a life of music, and I am constantly in awe of music’s power to impact my life and the lives of people around me. We mark the moments of our lives with music, from the simple to the most important. 

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Cello in the Trenches

Cello in the trenches

I’ve talked about the unlikely places that music has made an appearance – in concentration camps, in the fields of pre-Civil War plantations, and prisoner of war camps. We, as a species, always find a way to make music. Soldiers at the front during World War I were no different. In the mud and the muck of front line trenches, doughboys made music. They sang and played, and when they didn’t have actual instruments available to them, they made them out of whatever materials they could get their hands on.

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4 Musical Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about resolutions.  Losing weight. Exercising.  Working less…but when it comes to parenting resolutions, those are little harder to navigate.

Here’s the thing—changes you make for the sake of stronger development for your child(ren) and easier communication between everyone are WORTH it.  So, here are 4 practical musical resolutions you can start right away and stick to. 

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