4 Musical Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about resolutions.  Losing weight. Exercising.  Working less…but when it comes to parenting resolutions, those are little harder to navigate.

Here’s the thing—changes you make for the sake of stronger development for your child(ren) and easier communication between everyone are WORTH it.  So, here are 4 practical musical resolutions you can start right away and stick to. 

Resolution #1 – Sing through Routines

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to get your child to fully complete routines. They get frustrated, we get frustrated, we give up, and then we’re back at square one. But…that can all change with a song!

Child washes hands. Pairing songs with routines like hand washing is an easy parenting resolution to boost good hygiene habits.

At first, you need to plan this out in until it becomes like second nature, but once it is second nature, you’ll find you can make up a song for nearly every part of your day. 

Here’s an easy one for washing hands to the tune of “Brother John”

Top and bottom, top and bottom

In between, in between

Rub them all together, rub them all together

Now they’re clean, now they’re clean

For more musical inspiration, check out our themes in the free Kindermusik app—we’ve got pre-filled playlists for rest time, nap time, and more.

Resolution #2 – Dance Together Every Day

We know that dancing (like singing) gives us endorphins and reduces stress levels. Plus, research shows dancing in time together increases empathy and connection!

Families in a Kindermusik class participate in a circle dance. Dancing to the beat or in sync with your children are one of the easiest parenting resolutions to boost connection and empathy.

In a Kindermusik class, circle dances and (easy) choreographed steps are a consistent part of the experience.

You can create that same stress-reducing, bond-strengthening fun at home. Just turn on your favorite song, take a spontaneous dance break when tensions or high or before a transition (like mealtime), and connect and re-set. If you’ve got a pre-walker, hold them as you move to the music—they’ll feel the beat through you!

For a little help with dancing in time, try “The Mulberry Bush” on the free Kindermusik app.

Resolution #3 – Create Some Music Playlists for your Child

Familiar songs signal safety and joy, and a curated kid-friendly playlist is a great way to have the soothing and/or energizing power of music on-the-go. 

You can start with Kindermusik’s themes on the free app, or you can search the music library and create your own! 

Resolution #4 – Find Support through a Grownup-and-Me Class

You can’t do it alone. So, whether it’s gymnastics, visual arts, or something music-based like a Kindermusik class, consider enrolling in an established grownup-and-me environment.

Here’s what the class should include:

1) A grownup participation setting—the bonding, memories, and tools you’ll gain by participating with your child and other grownups is invaluable.

2) Teachers who are trained in child development and committed to sharing at-home strategies with caregivers.

3) Something that works for you and doesn’t add to your stress level. Even if it’s a virtual option.

There’s something out there for you!

Parenting Resolutions Make a BIG Difference

If you can implement just one of these New Year parenting resolutions, you’re on the right track to lowering anxiety, increasing communication, supporting stronger whole-child development, and creating a healthier family dynamic.

You got this. Happy New Year!

This article was originally authored by Theresa Case, Accredited Educator at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, South Carolina.

For more music, ideas, and fun, and to find a virtual or in-person class near you. 

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