Meet a Kindermusik educator: Peggy Durbin

Each week we feature a randomly selected Kindermusik educator from around the world. This week, meet Peggy!

Peggy Durbin

Columbia, MD 21042

Studio name and link:
Kindermusik with Peggy Durbin

Number of years you’ve taught Kindermusik:

Describe yourself in five words or less:
Dedicated, Dependable, Organized, Positive & Easy-Going

Favorite Kindermusik song:
Walk & Stop – so simple, effective and adaptable

Favorite Kindermusik activity, and why:
I love Roll Over, Rover. Adults lose their inhibitions about being in a class with new people and just focus on having fun with their children.  Children love it when adults are playful and engaged.

A proud moment in a Kindermusik classroom:
My proudest moments are when families enroll their second, third or fourth child.  That shows me that they value the experience so much that they must provide it for all of their children.

Something your Kindermusik children or families have taught you (could be inspirational, humorous, practical, etc.):
A Kindermusik mother of a newborn child told me that her child stopped nursing when the music stopped in the Jasmine Flower song!  What a great example that even the youngest child learns from the experiences in a Kindermusik classroom.

Something funny a child has said or done in your classroom:
Often parents will initially express concern that their child may not participate when visiting a free class.  I love it when the child leaves mom or dad’s lap to sit with me during the class!

The reason you teach:
Young children energize me!  I love introducing the world to them through music and movement.  Not only is it enriching to the children, but it also opens the eyes of many parents on how to interact and play with their children.  Play is how young children learn!

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun, Peggy! Great job. I will need your help soon with the baby coming in October.

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