Movement and Music: Hop, Wiggle, Squirm, and Sing!

Lisa Sempsey, Kodály Educator Kids have boundless energy! That statement is no surprise if you’re a parent, caregiver, or teacher to a child. There are times that you may look at the children under your care and think, “they may not need a nap, but I do!” or, “how do they just keep going?” Well, [...]

New Thoughts for a New Year: Music for Music’s Sake

Happy New Year! It is my great honor to join the Kindermusik team as the editor of Minds on Music Blog. Music has and continues to be my life’s passion, and I am excited to curate a useful resource on behalf of this wonderful organization. Learn more about me here. We often read that music […]

12 Song Lyrics Perfect for Kid’s Room (FREE PRINTABLES INCLUDED)

You don’t need to be a singer-songwriter to recognize that lyrics somehow perfectly capture an emotion or a moment in time. So, we put together a few of our favorite song lyrics that, well, perfectly capture parents’ dreams, wishes, hopes, and prayers for their young children. Plus, you can download them and use in your […]

Give Kids’ Brains a Break with Music

The Electric Slide, The Cha-Cha Slide, and The Macarena can impact kids’ brains in a powerful way…and probably not in the way you may think. Music and movement “brain breaks” can actually improve attentiveness, concentration, and focus. (Yes! Even The Macarena.) Brain breaks can also help kids discover new solutions—or THE solution—to a problem. So, […]

18 Signs You Are A Musical Family

Are you raising a musical family? If you find yourself relating to this list, then chances are the answer is Yes! Your toddler thinks you’ve been hiding white egg shakers in the refrigerator and can’t understand why he can’t play with them, too. Your kids yell at YOU to turn the music down. Your child […]