How a Violin Teaches Kids to Read

Matching sounds to a visual image is an extremely important early literacy skill. It is, in fact, the precursor skill to the alphabetic principle, or the understanding that there is a relationship between letters and sounds. Before children can explore letter-sound relationships and learn to decode words, they must first understand the connection between a sound they hear and an image they see.

This fun early literacy game from Kindermusik@Home features violins and provides kids lots of practice with associating a specific bit of audio with a specific bit of visual. While kids have no idea that this game is actually preparing them to read, YOU will know!

Kindermusik@Home Listening Game: Which Violin?


Kindermusik@Home Activity

This game also supports other important early childhood cognitive competences, including:

  • Selective Attention: The ability to selectively concentrate on one aspect of the environment while ignoring distractions.
  • Auditory Working Memory: The ability to retain information that has been presented orally (e.g., listening to a target sound and then matching the sound to its image).
  • Auditory Discrimination: The ability to discriminate between similar sounds.

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