First Kindermusik Class

This blog post ( got me thinking about that FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE.

Sometimes I think, as parents, we won't be happy with a new experience unless our children are squealing in delight, impressing everyone with how (brilliant/advanced/coordinated/social/musical) they are, sitting attentively, singing loud and clear, clapping, holding hands with other kids…

Me? I have a clinger. First Kindermusik class, first gymnastics class, first storytime at the library – she does what a friend of mine calls 'the starfish', wrapping all of her limbs around me so tightly that I can walk around with her 'stuck' like that, without even using my arms to hold her on. Singing? Not a chance. Pretending to be a train? You've got to be kidding me.

My friend? She has a runner. When her child transitions to something new, he just starts running and I'm not kidding you – he doesn't stop until you strap him back into the carseat. Then he's asleep before you pull out of the driveway.

What's funny – BOTH of these kids – later in the day – if you ask them, "Did you have a good time?" – will say yes. (???)

Every Kindermusik educator knows that every child is unique, and understands that everyone (grown-ups, too!) deals with transitions and new situations differently. Often, it takes a few weeks for children to settle into the routine, become comfortable with a teacher, the other children, and their parents.

And THAT'S when the magic happens. The first time he claps along, the first time she holds hands with a partner, the first time she contributes an animal idea to "Old MacDonald", the first time she sits on the floor instead of on your lap (this one's mine), or the first time she stops running and actually pretends to be a train instead.

What fun would it be if they did all these things the very first day??


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