3 signs you might be in a great baby-and-toddler music program:

1. Happy grown-ups!

Parents and teachers check their egos at the door. Grown-ups are clapping, wiggling, and bouncing just as much as the children. 

2. No one talks about the children as “musicians” and “non-musicians”:

The best early music programs for kids aren’t in the business of creating little virtuosos. They use music to grow great children instead of using children to make great music. Children who learn to love music are the ones who will end up doing it best, anyway.

3. A wonderful teacher.

Have you noticed that the most popular music programs are almost like fan clubs? When there’s a good teacher in town, you’ll hear about it! Definitions will vary, but fans seem to gather around teachers who are described not only as knowledgeable, but also genuine, and as easily able to relate (authentically) to adults as to children.

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