Twitter Word of the Week: “Giggle”

From Twitter, June 19-26, 2009




  • peerybingle: Beautiful breezes through open windows, kiddie swimming pools with giggling children, and laundry on the line: does it get better than this?
  • wendybear1: Silly children! Boys are running amok giggling in my house. It's all good. I need this more often.
  • BlauBlau66: Hilarious evening with children giggling non-stop throughout the entire meal – complete and utter lunatics!
  • celestialqueen: Auggghhhh! Children are frustrating but its so hard 2 discipline them when ur giggling
  • tifmar: is listening to her children giggle and play… they're supposed to be asleep
  • WFMommy: I just had fun talking to my children (through their stuffed animals). I love how they talk so openly to "toys" and how much they giggle.
  • Nicole_Cam: Spending the day with my nieces! Oh the JOY of 8 giggling children!
  • natpizzle: was awoken by three screaming and giggling children running in my house today :o) and im not even mad…ive missed them.
  • jameelee: Little giggling children running around our office…
  • poisoned_grace: Sitting in my house listening to my children giggle and laugh outside….ah summer
  • LakeviewMom: absolutely love listening to the laughter and giggles of children running through the house playing hide and go seek!
  • windcu: Now I get why children are called bundle of joy. Am in bootcamp of happiness and giggles y'all.
  • hmcsmama: I'm in my sisters backyard eating pizza and drinking apple juice with two of the silliest children EVER! Giggle boxes they are!!!
  • carole_hicks: Accomplishment du jour. I floated on an inner tube and looked up at a blue sky listening to children giggle. Perfect.

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