Easy Activity for Teaching Social Studies through Music

bigstockphoto_Little_Girl_Smiling_And_Dancin_592683Understanding and accepting similarities and differences among people is the foundation of Social Studies skills in the early childhood years. Teaching social studies through the arts, including music education, increases children’s understanding and engagement and also gives voice to cultures that may not be reflected in the current classroom or community.

Dancing the way to understanding cultures

“Dancing along” with other families around the world, all doing the same dance movements, helps children understand that in some ways, we are different (e.g., people look, speak, and dress differently in different parts of the world) and in other ways, we are the same (e.g., we all love to sing and dance)!

Mama Paquita is a favorite song and dance among Kindermusik families around the world. Try watching—and dancing along—at home or in the classroom.


Learn more about using music to teach skills that prepare a child for school.

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