Kindermusik x Disney Junior Music Class: Mira, Royal Detective!

Kindermusik has partnered with Disney Junior to create a special music and movement class featuring the series Mira, Royal Detective! Get all the details and save your spot.

Are you a Mira, Royal Detective fan? This fun-filled Kindermusik x Disney Junior® Experience is being offered in virtual and in-person studios around the world through April 2022.

Our 45-minute music and movement class will transport you to a magical Indian-inspired world where you’ll sing, dance, learn, and solve mysteries just like the lead character of the new series, Mira! 

These limited-time classes fill up fast…find a virtual or in-person experience that matches your schedule!

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Easy Activity for Teaching Social Studies through Music

bigstockphoto_Little_Girl_Smiling_And_Dancin_592683Understanding and accepting similarities and differences among people is the foundation of Social Studies skills in the early childhood years. Teaching social studies through the arts, including music education, increases children’s understanding and engagement and also gives voice to cultures that may not be reflected in the current classroom or community.

Dancing the way to understanding cultures

“Dancing along” with other families around the world, all doing the same dance movements, helps children understand that in some ways, we are different (e.g., people look, speak, and dress differently in different parts of the world) and in other ways, we are the same (e.g., we all love to sing and dance)!

Mama Paquita is a favorite song and dance among Kindermusik families around the world. Try watching—and dancing along—at home or in the classroom.


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3 Ways to Use Music to Take Children Around the World

Listen - Sing & Say - Collect - Music Around the World for Kids

Listen - Sing & Say - Collect - Music Around the World for KidsWant to take your children around the world? It’s easy with music! No passport required. No suitcases to pack. Just three simple things you can enjoy almost any time, any where, and you’re off of a grand, musical travel adventure!

Listen to music from around the world.

Every culture has its own beautiful repertoire of rich folk songs, soothing lullabies, and happy dances that can be very appealing to young children. With internet radio stations, streaming music apps, and downloadable song tracks, it’s easier than ever to listen your way around the world. Try searching on “world music for children” or “multicultural music for kids.”

Use your voice to enjoy music from around the world.

There are simple songs and chants that even young children can enjoy learning or hearing from you. In fact, our Kindermusik music library is full of these songs, rhymes, and chants from various countries and cultures. The more exposure a very young child has to other languages, both spoken and sung, the more receptive he or she will be to learning and speaking another language.

Collect instruments from around the world.

Whether someone else demonstrates the instrument or the child can explore and play it themselves, there’s nothing better than seeing, hearing, and touching the real thing. Nearly every culture has some kind of a drum, shaker, or flute-like instrument, and most are easily curated. Give your little world travelers a sense of having gone around the world simply by introducing them to some of the instruments from around the world.
Travel the world with Kindermusik
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Contributed by Theresa Case who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful upstate South Carolina.