What is ABC Music & Me?

ABC Music & Me, presented by Kindermusik International, is much more than a simple sing-along music program. Our research-based early childhood music program is designed to support the development of the whole child from birth through school age. With a multisensory learning experience that includes instrument play and multicultural focus, children have fun while they learn!

ABC Music & Me works in all types of learning environments, from small groups to large classrooms:

  • Early Head Start/Head Start
  • Childcare Centers and Preschools
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Other Home-Based Programs
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Schools
  • ELL or ESL Programs
  • Special Needs Programs
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Summer Schools and Camps
  • Community-Based Centers (Libraries, YMCAs, etc.)

We offer four curriculum levels for ages 1 to 5, with bite-sized monthly units created to help young children develop important skills through developmentally appropriate educational experiences. In addition, we have just introduced our ABC Music & Me Baby Bags, just right for engaging the very youngest learners in the fun (and benefits!) of music education.

Kindermusik: the Power Behind ABC Music & Me

Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of early music and movement programming, serving millions of families in private music studios in over 70 countries. Kindermusik created ABC Music & Me so that we could provide even more children with the well-documented, amazing benefits of music education. Designed specifically for school and early childcare environments, ABC Music & Me serves children and families who may not have the ability to participate in Studio-based programs, thereby helping us make an even bigger impact in early childhood education. And…ABC Music & Me is research-proven.

It’s All in the Box!

Music is a powerful unifier across children’s lives, in school and at home. That’s why we developed the ABC Music & Me curriculum to work with children in both environments.


Our “music class in a box” approach delivers everything teachers need to implement ABC Music & Me in their classrooms. To conduct an ABC Music & Me lesson, the classroom teacher simply plays the appropriate lesson CD. On the CD, a licensed Kindermusik Educator leads both classroom teacher and children through a series of engaging music-and-movement activities. The classroom teacher is free to participate, observe and guide the children, facilitate the lesson, and record notes about each child’s development and progress being made.


The class in a box includes the curriculum itself, along with our teacher resources. These resources, include a Kindermusik-facilitated lesson (CD), teacher guides, and demo videos – providing professional development opportunities to help prepare the educator for success in bringing the program to the classroom:

Kindermuisk Educator on CD

Kindermusik Educator On CD

Online Resource Center

Online Resource Center

Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides

Demo Videos

Demo Videos


Instrument play is a key part of the multisensory ABC Music & Me experience. Each level of curriculum includes real musical instruments, enough for every child, every lesson. Our high-quality instruments and manipulatives are specially designed for young hands and tested to the highest international standards, providing multisensory learning that integrates across multiple learning domains and styles.

Rhythm Sticks

Our rhythm sticks are 2 inches smaller and a little wider than ones typically found in early childhood classrooms


Our scarves are durable enough to withstand our busy classes (and many washes along the way!) and are sized differently by age group so as to always be developmentally appropriate.

Home Materials

The home materials included in each curriculum strengthen the vital school-home connection. Children in ABC Music & Me receive their very own instruments, music, and books to take home and share with their families. Through these home materials, children have fun learning at home throughout the year and gradually build their very own library of books, music, and instruments.

Learn more about Kindermusik’s commitment to family engagement!