You might have a Kindermusik kid if…

5 ways to support ELL studentsTeachers are always observing their students.  Here at Kindermusik International, we have a sneaking suspicion that you might have noticed something a little different, a little special, about some of the students in your class…
We think we might know the secret – those stand-out students probably have something in common… they’ve all been in Kindermusik! 
So how can you know for sure?  Here are six clues that usually give it away.

You might have a Kindermusik kid in your classroom if you notice a student who…

… socializes well with his/her classmates
… demonstrates good coordination and balance while moving
… is confident, happy, and emotionally secure
… expresses him/herself well verbally
… excels academically, thinks creatively, and has a great imagination
… loves anything and everything musical!
Kindermusik Baby Music Class - Self Expression Through MusicIf you’ve ever wondered how you could help better prepare a child for school by combining your love of teaching, love of children, and love of music, consider becoming a Kindermusik educator! As the world’s best early childhood music and movement curriculum, Kindermusik is your chance to provide a child with a solid educational basis for future learning and a lifelong love of music.

To learn more about how you can turn music into smiles and give kids a head start in school and in life through early childhood music education, visit the Kindermusik website and click on the “Teach Kindermusik” tab.

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