The Picture-Reading Connection

ABC English & Me - A Trip to the Farm - Educational Activity for ChildrenThey say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in ABC English & Me, Kindermusik International is using the research-proven technique of using a picture to help a child learn to read a word.  In fact, a recent study by Chinese researchers again confirmed the impact of a visual-rich context on literacy.
Along with music, movement, and interactive @Home Materials, the ABC English & Me curriculum actually utilizes a variety of pictures and visuals to help reinforce the learning that happens in class and at home including:

  • illustrated rhymes
  • illustrated stories
  • posters
  • flashcards

You may not be enrolled in an ABC English & Me program, but you can help enhance your child’s literacy development in other simple ways.  Here are a few ideas and resources to get you started…

  • Build your own library at home.  From e-books to traditional books, you can buy books new, put them on a birthday or Christmas list for Grandma, or find gently used books at local bookstores or online at sites like Amazon.
  • Spend time reviewing this great list from The Children’s Book Review: 20 Sites to Improve Your Child’s Literacy
  • Point out the letters and words that surround us.  Whether it’s a box of cereal, a menu at a restaurant, or a sign on a building, opportunities abound to highlight the connection between letters, sounds, and words in every day, casual conversation.
  • Label things around the house.  Make some simple signs and label objects around the house.  You can use sticky-tack so that the signs are temporary.  Include a picture with the word for extra benefit.
  • Read aloud.  There’s no better way to bond with your child, create memories for a lifetime, AND increase their love for books and interest in learning to read for themselves.

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