3 Ways Music Boosts Social-Emotional Learning in ANY Environment

Whether you're a children's music teacher, social worker, or homeschool instructor, our curriculum can be used in a virtual OR in-person format.

Social-emotional learning is a critical piece to positive early childhood development, and we know that music can accelerate this growth.

But how can educators use music to boost social-emotional skills in physically-distanced or virtual classrooms? 

And what does it look like by age? Pair our free, colorful infographic with the quick tips below to keep track of SEL milestones and consider how music can elevate this critical piece of early development!

Download Kindermusik's free social-emotional learning infographic with our milestones-by-age guide!
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Outdoor Music Classes Bridge COVID Socialization Gaps

Outdoor Music Classes Bridge COVID Socialization Gaps

When the pandemic forced families to social distance and quarantine, the negative effects of social isolation hit young children perhaps the hardest. The need for connection is pressing and real. And that’s where Kindermusik’s outdoor music classes come in.

Many Kindermusik families love our virtual class opportunities (they’re a huge hit!) and they’re here to stay. However, some of our educators found that children responded better to a physically distanced, outdoor environment.

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How Music Strengthens Emotional Development and Bonding

How Music Strengthens Emotional Development and Bonding

Music moves us.  It’s a plain and simple truth, common to human beings all around the world since time began.  In fact, it’s happened to you.  You hear a certain song, and it instantly and vividly takes you back to a specific time, place, and memory.  We know that there’s a deep-seated and innate response to music, even in very young children.  And when you intentionally and consistently make music a part of a child’s life, music will strengthen a child’s emotional development and bonding with the loving adults in his/her life.

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Bring a Friend to Kindermusik!

Most everything is more fun with a friend, and that’s especially true of Kindermusik!  Kindermusik is one of those really wonderful activities that is just as much for you as it is for your child – one special benefit being the friendship and support the adults find amongst each other because of Kindermusik. Many friendships have come out of being with other adults in a Kindermusik class, and many friendships are made that much stronger and more special because of attending Kindermusik class together.
Your local Kindermusik educator would be thrilled to hear that you wanted to try Kindermusik with a friend, or even that you want to pay the highest compliment possible to her by introducing a friend to all that you’ve come to know and love about Kindermusik.

Simply contact your local educator about scheduling options.

And how you can make even more out of attending a weekly Kindermusik class with a friend?
Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Come a little early to class so that you can enjoy catching up and chatting before the class activities begin.
  • Arrange to meet after class at a local kid-friendly restaurant or coffee shop or even at a favorite playground for a picnic.
  • Organize a playdate with the other families in your class, either after class or on another day of the week.
  • Plan a “Girls Night Out” with the other Kindermusik moms – go out to eat, get a pedicure, attend a concert, etc. – without the kids.
  • Have a “Dad’s Day” or “Grandparents Day” where dads or grandparents attend the class and get to meet each other.

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