Outdoor Music Classes Bridge COVID Socialization Gaps

When the pandemic forced families to social distance and quarantine, the negative effects of social isolation hit young children perhaps the hardest. The need for connection is pressing and real. And that’s where Kindermusik’s outdoor music classes come in.

Many Kindermusik families love our virtual class opportunities (they’re a huge hit!) and they’re here to stay. However, some of our educators found that children responded better to a physically distanced, outdoor environment.

See how these two Kindermusik studios are building community, boosting development, and spreading the joy of music in comfortable and safe green spaces. 

Kindermusik with Christa Beck | Greater Pittsburgh, PA

Kindermusik Educator, Christa Beck, leads families through engaging, distanced outdoor music classes.
Kindermusik Educator, Christa Beck, leads families through an engaging, distanced outdoor class.

“[These classes] gave us a much needed, familiar musical and social experience in a setting that honored social distance and other recommended safety measures. [They] have been one of the few ways we have comfortably connected with other families.”

– Charity McClory, Kindermusik parent

For nearly 20 years, Kindermusik studio owner and educator, Christa Beck, has served the greater Pittsburgh area with music and movement classes for newborns to age 5.

While her virtual classes remain popular, she wanted to give families who weren’t seeing success with that platform another option. 

“We had lots of parents who still wanted the social experience that the [in-person] Kindermusik classroom offered, and the way we felt most comfortable doing that was outdoors,” Beck said.

A Kindermusik parent engages her toddler with an individualized set of instruments and props during outdoor music classes.
A Kindermusik parent engages her toddler with an individualized set of instruments and props during class.

As weather permits, Beck is offering several outdoor classes per week along with other digital options.

In an outdoor class, each family sits at least six feet apart, receives their own sanitized instrument and prop kit, and can enjoy the social-emotional benefits of an in-person experience while following COVID prevention guidelines.

“While [our daughters] enjoy the virtual classes, they miss the face-to-face contact. They light up when they see their teachers in person, and this offers them a chance to see them in a safe and fun environment!”

– Erin McSparrinn, Kindermusik parent

Kindermusik with Emilie | Kenosha, WI

A Kindermusik student explores sounds with wooden jingle sticks during outdoor music classes.
A Kindermusik student shakes wooden jingle sticks to the beat during her outdoor class.

“My father lives with us and he’s high risk for COVID-19 complications, so there isn’t much we can do right now. I know my son has been missing being around other kids and this was the perfect way to interact and stay safe.”

– Kindermusik with Emilie parent

For seasoned Kindermusik Educator, Emilie Gaschke, outdoor music classes were the perfect opportunity to provide what her families were craving. They needed to break up the monotony of their home environments and wanted help with educational instruction, all while keeping COVID guidelines at the forefront. 

“In a time where creativity is an absolute must, these classes appeal to families who are ready to venture out but prefer to be in outdoor spaces. We’ve been offering these sessions since early June, and every single one has filled up,” said Gaschke.

A young toddler explores zig zag blocks during outdoor music classes.
A young toddler explores zig zag blocks during his outdoor class.

“The outdoor playdates presented by Kindermusik with Emilie are our go-to for safe fun and learning. The themes were fun, the music was lively, everyone was responsible and friendly, and most importantly: my son wanted to go and hated leaving.”

– Kindermusik with Emilie parent

Like Christa Beck in Pennsylvania, Emilie Gaschke’s studio is providing a mix of virtual and outdoor music classes. While virtual learning opportunities provide the comforts of home, green spaces provide a change of scenery, access to personal instrument kits, and quality in-person interactions…even at a distance.

Want to Try Our Outdoor Music Classes?

Search for a location near you on our Class Finder, contact the studio owner, and inquire about outdoor opportunities!

Are you in the Kenosha, WI, or Pittsburgh, PA areas? Find out more about outdoor classes from Kindermusik with Christa Beck (Pittsburgh) or Kindermusik with Emilie (Kenosha)!