Babies Learn with their Mouths

In a recently published study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found evidence that babies - long known to explore their world with their mouths - actually use their tongues, lips, and other articulators to unravel the mysteries of the speech they hear on a constant basis. Let's check it out! Primer: [...]

Kids Need to be Kids

Author and early childhood education expert Nancy Carlsson-Paige makes the case for authentic educational experiences, less concerned with assessment and more concerned with experiences that give kids what they need - opportunities to be kids. Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige knows a thing or two about childhood development. For 30 years, she trained teachers at Lesley University [...]

Baby Brains: Music and Speech

Music is full of patterns. It’s why educators and researchers have pointed out for a long time now that music helps kids with math. And now, thanks to technological advances that help us “see” inside the brain, we’re starting to understand more and more of how music shapes and impacts cognitive development, therefore significantly impacting [...]

How Music Helps Children Listen, Share, & Cooperate

Happy.  Well-adjusted.  Confident.  Shows empathy.  Cooperates with peers.  Has good self-control.  Any parent would be delighted to hear this assessment of his or her child.  These words describe the social-emotional skills that are so closely tied to success in school and success in life. For young children, social-emotional development can be enhanced through age-appropriate group […]

Sometimes ACTIONS are louder than WORDS

Have you ever sat in a movie theater, and several people in the row behind you are all talking? I bet you found it difficult to concentrate on the movie. What does this have to do with your child in a Kindermusik class? Just imagine this scenario: your Kindermusik teacher brings out a basket of […]