Movement and Music: Hop, Wiggle, Squirm, and Sing!

Lisa Sempsey, Kodály Educator Kids have boundless energy! That statement is no surprise if you’re a parent, caregiver, or teacher to a child. There are times that you may look at the children under your care and think, “they may not need a nap, but I do!” or, “how do they just keep going?” Well, [...]

3 Ways to Use Music to Take Children Around the World

Want to take your children around the world? It’s easy with music! No passport required. No suitcases to pack. Just three simple things you can enjoy almost any time, any where, and you’re off of a grand, musical travel adventure! Listen to music from around the world. Every culture has its own beautiful repertoire of […]

ABC English & Me Unit 3: Good Morning, Good Night!

Introducing Unit 3, Good Morning, Good Night! Everyday rituals become a musical, English-learning game with our new unit, Good Morning, Good Night! Each class begins with a hello song, and with each lesson children learn the words for new greeting rituals such as “Good Day!” and “Good Night!” Good Morning, Good Night! will be available […]

Through a Nana’s eyes

Special thanks to Studio 3 Music, the world’s largest Kindermusik program, for sharing this special post by from their blog with us.  The author, Colleen, is not just a grandmother; she’s also a licensed Kindermusik teacher at Studio 3! It’s no wonder Grandmothers are afforded such a high level of respect in so many cultures: we are […]