All cooped up?

Winter time is always a challenge, no matter where you live.  If it’s not snowy, it’s rainy.  And often it’s cold – too cold to be outside.  Or you’re all trying to get well from the latest virus that the whole family passed around one by one.  So what’s a parent – and a kid! – to do when you’ve been cooped up inside the house for too long?  We suggest that you get moving… to some music, that is!

The easiest way to get started is just to turn on some lively music – you know, that kind that has your feet going and your hands clapping before you even know it.  Even just a minutes of carefree, not-thinking-about-the-laundry dancing with your child can turn around the day around for both of you!  Of course, movement is not just important for helping children let off a little steam or pent-up energy, but it is also a key factor in their overall development.  And it’s a great way for a child to be able to get close to and connect with someone she loves.

You might also enjoy moving in a slightly more “structured” way by making a small circle and doing a circle dance.  Remember “Ring Around the Rosie”?  Circle dances like “Ring Around the Rosie” actually help your child focus on directing and moving her busy little body.  She also becomes aware of her body in relation to the larger physical space.  She learns about coordinating her movements with the words of the song.  Plus, she increases her memory and attention span as she follows the simple sequence of steps.  Who knew a little dancing could accomplish so much?!

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Contributed by Theresa Case, director of Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC, whose Kindermusik program at Piano Central is in the top 1% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

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  1. Love this Theresa…we are about to enter our flu season in OZ, BUT it came early and everyone is already sick..I think it came over to Oz in a plane from you guys somewhere North! I also like to remind KM families about the Activities book, lots of old fashioned cutting out and interactive games, plus get out the old pack of playing cards, dominoes forget the DS for one afternoon and laugh and play together as a family, put some favourite family music on in the background….maybe mum and dad might win for once!

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