ABC English & Me Unit 3: Good Morning, Good Night!

Introducing Unit 3, Good Morning, Good Night! Everyday rituals become a musical, English-learning game with our new unit, Good Morning, Good Night! Each class begins with a hello song, and with each lesson children learn the words for new greeting rituals such as “Good Day!” and “Good Night!”

Daily rituals become a musical, English-learning game.

Good Morning, Good Night! will be available in Digital Teacher’s Guides next week (October 15 – 19).

Favorite American Children’s Songs such as “Wheels on the Bus” take us to school, and the “Mulberry Bush” helps to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary words and concepts with additional verses about a child’s daily routine at home.

“This is the way we wash our hands,” … “brush our teeth,” …  “comb our hair,” … and “put on socks!”

In addition, children learn the English word and the animal sound to their favorite farm yard animals — sheep, cow, dog, rooster, and pig. And using movement games, concepts are explored with “Stand up!” “Sit down,” “Turn around,” and “Shake your hands!”

Children Learn English through Music and Rituals

Children can begin to speak English in a continuous flow using ABC English & Me’s simple songs and begin to apply English words to their everyday rituals at home, such as going to bed, washing faces, hands, and brushing teeth.

Make learning English a part of your daily routine with ABC English & Me!’s newest Unit, Good Morning, Good Night!

Kindermusik@Home - Online Learning Games for KidsUsing English @Home

When parents download the Home Audio Good Morning, Good Night! from the ABC English & Me @Home website, they can use the class songs about brushing teeth, getting dressed, and going to school to bring a rhythm and routine to busy mornings and evenings at home!

Speak in a continuous flow

Using the melody from the American song “Mulberry Bush,” children will sing “this is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands.” Additional verses adapt to describe more daily routines such as “brush our teeth,” “comb our hair,” and “put on jeans!”


Children play musical instruments, one for each hand, and as the teacher passes out the instruments, the children count with her, “1,” “2.” And during interactive puppet play, children help to “Wake Up!” puppet on the count of “1, 2, 3, … Wake Up!”

Movement concepts

Stand up, sit down, jump up, turn around, shake hands, tap your head, say good night, go to bed

Animals and animal sounds

cow, moo, sheep, baa, dog, woof, mouse, squeak, pig, oink, rooster, cock-a- doodle-doo

Talking about daily routines

go to school, wash our hands, wash our face, brush our teeth, comb our hair, put on our… clothes, shirt, jeans, socks, shoes

New vocabulary words

bus, wheels go round, people go up and down, driver says, “Move on back,” wipers go wash, horn goes beep, babies go “waa”, mommies go “shh”

Conversational terms

Where is he? Is he here? Yes, he is, No, he isn’t. He’s sleeping. Wake up. It’s time to get up. Good morning. How are you? I’m fine, thank you.

We are excited to bring this new curriculum to English Language Learners across the globe!

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ABC English & Me - Teaching English to Children through Music

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