Put on Your Listening Ears!

Did you know the ear needs training in order to hear all of the different sounds? Auditory discrimination skills develop and sharpen through practice. It’s why in a Kindermusik class we may encourage children to listen intently to a certain sound and try to identify it. It’s one way to sharpen those listening skills!

Listening Game Exercises the Ear

This Listening Game activity from Kindermusik@Home will put those listening ears to the test…or at least give them a good workout! Get your listening ears ready—you’re going to need them! Listen to these short music clips and decide…are you hearing a solo, a duet, or a trio? By the way, the most challenging aspect of this activity isn’t understanding the concept of solo, duet, and trio. It’s actually hearing the different instruments within the musical piece.

Kindermusik@Home Listening Game

You can try this idea with other solo and duet musical pieces, too. First, identify whether you think one or two instruments are playing. Once you’ve strengthened that skill, it can be fun to try to identify the two different sounds in a duet. When choosing music for this extension activity, make selections that have very different instruments playing together. For example, a piano and a flute will be easier for your ear to separate than a cello and violin will be. The visual support provided by pictures (you can point at the piano while it plays, then point to the flute while it plays) will help a lot, too.

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