Musical Parenting in the Four Seasons of Early Childhood

baby - toddler- preschooler - big kidWe’ve all heard that there are seasons of life, but it can be particularly insightful for parents of young children to think of the seasons (or stages) of early childhood, each with its own unique joys and challenges – joys and challenges that also have the potential to give way to some of the greatest rewards of parenting.  Kindermusik classes not only meet the needs of children at the various stages of development, but Kindermusik also meets the needs of parents at these different seasons.

Babies… When change is the only constant

There is so much that happens that first year or two – so many “firsts” to treasure, memories to capture, and sweet cuddly baby-sized little people to hold on to, for forever if you could!  Your weekly Kindermusik class gives you the time (and the excuse!) to slow down, hum a lullaby, cuddle a little longer, and share a few more smiles.  All along the way, you’ll gain precious developmental insights into the wonderful little person your baby is quickly growing to be!

Toddlers… When it’s life in the fast lane!

From when they wake up until they fall fast asleep, it’s all about go-go-GO! in the world of a toddler. (Just ask their exhausted parents!!)  There’s a lot of cuteness, curiosity, and personality emerging – some of it you laugh at, some of it you scratch your head about.  Kindermusik gives you and your child the perfect opportunity to laugh together, play together, engage and connect in new ways, socialize, and even sneak in a few extra hugs.  Plus we’ll teach you a song to get you through nearly every routine in your day!

Preschoolers… When it’s time to get ready

Preschoolers are on the verge of becoming more independent, bigger thinkers, social butterflies, and more curious learners.  But don’t let those big changes fool you.  Your preschooler still needs you to spend time with him and be a part of his world.  Kindermusik can be the highlight of the week – the one thing that is predictable, familiar, and yet challenging all at the same time.  Time by himself with his friends in class and time with you too – even the structure of the class supports your child at this crucial time.  We’ll help you hang on to those fleeting childhood years just a little bit longer!

Big Kids… When they’re poised for new adventure

Your big kid is so much more capable and independent, and they are eager for new challenges that still keep the fun, pressure-free adventure in the learning process.  Kindermusik comes alongside you and your child at this special time, giving you a special weekly activity that is a choice, not a requirement.  Kindermusik is all about partnering with you to unfold the unique miracle that is your child, without pressure, performance, or state standards – all while inspiring a love for music that will stay with her the rest of her life.

Parents… How to Stop, Pause, and Celebrate each Season

In a world where the pressure on parents can be immense, we here at Kindermusik invite you to let us help you stop, pause, and celebrate each season of childhood – from baby to toddler to preschooler to big kid – by taking time together in a Kindermusik class.  We’ll be right there beside you cheering you on and encouraging you to relish the little moments of life that make such a big difference in your child’s life.
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Shared by Theresa Case who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful Upstate South Carolina.


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