Mommy (or Daddy!) and Me

Have you ever been to a Kindermusik class? If the answer is “yes”, you know the music is great. You know the classes are more fun than you can imagine. Your child probably loves it! And the Home Materials help you enjoy Kindermusik even when you’re not in class, making your daily routines just a little bit easier.

But as Kindermusik teachers, one of the things we hear over and over from our parents is that the they love the way Kindermusik inspires those magical moments of bonding and together-time. These are the moments that we as parents treasure and remember forever.

Here’s one mom’s story about a simple, but special, Kindermusik day:

Music. Smiles. Dancing. Hugs. Happiness. And parents enjoying their children. . . . I think I must have the best job in the whole wide world.
-educator Theresa Case

Theresa’s Kindermusik program, Kindermusik at Piano Central Studios, is in the top 1% of all programs in the world.

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