Educator Spotlight

Educator Spotlight: Kylie Clift

A Kindermusik educator for 12 years now, Kylie Clift loves bringing music into the hearts and lives of Sydney-area families. Since the very beginning when she first opened Jim Jam Studios in 2006, Kylie’s #1 focus has been on making every student feel valued and special, accepted and celebrated for who they are. Lovingly known [...]

Educator Spotlight – Robyn Pearce

How’s this for a fascinating location for a Kindermusik program? Robyn and her family live on a huge rock island in the Atlantic Ocean in the city of St. John’s, located on the far eastern side of Canada. In fact, the most easterly point in North America is not too far away from where Robyn [...]

Educator Spotlight: Stefanie Jamison

It’s a beautiful focus on family and an abundant love for music that makes Stefanie Jamison and her studio, The Musik Box, stand out. When you meet Stefanie – which usually also means you get to meet her incredible family, you can’t help but notice the overflow of enthusiasm, energy, and passion for all things [...]

Educator Spotlight: Beth Anspach

Beth Anspach has a heart for children and families and bringing them together, as evidenced by her studio business, Pathways to Learning, which began in 2000 and now offers both Kindermusik classes as well as Conscious Discipline® workshops and coaching. Beth’s business serves families in the Red Hook, New York area, with three studio locations. [...]