Educator Spotlight

Educator Spotlight: Yeoh Sheau long

One of the pioneers to introduce early childhood music in Malaysia, Yeoh Sheau long and her sister, Yeoh Sheau in, first brought Kindermusik to Malaysia in 1994.  Kindermusik at SIM grew from two students in Yeoh Sheau in’s inaugural class to a program that today has 15 licensed educators teaching over 50 Kindermusik classes at [...]

We Love Our Kindermusik Educators

Kindermusik programs worldwide are celebrating “We Love Kindermusik” month, and we thought it would be enormously appropriate to share just why we love our Kindermusik educators. Normally we have a regular monthly feature highlighting one of our very special educators. This month we want to highlight them ALL! Our Kindermusik educators are truly the heart [...]

Educator Spotlight: Marie Kusters

Lovingly known as "Mrs. Marie" or "Madame Marie" to the children in her Kindermusik classes, Marie Kusters has been bringing Kindermusik into the hearts and homes of children and families in Ottawa, Ontario at Mieke Musike Music Studio for over 24 years now.  Marie is a dedicated educator and accomplished musician, with a heart not [...]

Educator Spotlight: Dee Pierce

If you get to spend any time at all with Dee, you are immediately touched by her joyful energy and beautiful spirit, something which completely infuses her studio, Music with Ms. Dee, as well. A licensed Kindermusik educator and business owner since 2006, Dee’s Kindermusik program is flourishing, attracting south Florida families to multiple class [...]

Educator Spotlight: Emilie Gaschke

You can’t be around Emilie for long without sensing her deep love for children and her absolute belief in the power of Kindermusik, something that led her to begin her Kindermusik business and became a licensed Kindermusik educator in 2010.  Lovingly known as “Miss Emmy,” Emilie’s families describe her as patient, kind, fun, and energetic. [...]