Looking for a Christmas Gift? Kindermusik Classes to the Rescue!

Looking for a holiday or Christmas gift? Well, look no further! Kindermusik has you covered for the holiday season. 

Why Kindermusik Classes Are Such a Great Experience Gift

It’s the hot thing on many gift lists this year – an experience gift!  But what kind of an experience gift is special and memorable for a young child, even one who’s still a little baby?  We’re glad you asked because we have the perfect suggestion… give the gift of Kindermusik classes!

Here are just a few of the reasons why a Kindermusik Gift Certificate is the ultimate experience gift.

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Kindermusik Gives you Music for Playing, Singing, and Dancing at Home Every Day

There’s nothing more fun – or more helpful! – than activities that you can enjoy together every day.  In class, you’ll learn rhymes, songs, finger plays and more that you can bring home with you and make the everyday routines and moments a little more special and a whole lot more musical.

Best of all, every Kindermusik enrollment includes Home Materials that will increase the learning at home and fill your hearts with a song each and every day.

Kindermusik Classes Mean Happy Giggles, Hugs, and Special Time Together Every Week

Each weekly class is filled with activities carefully crafted to delight you, make you smile, bring you closer together, and enhance learning and growth in every area of development – all while learning to love and make music.

Plus, you both form meaningful friendships that can bring so much joy and connection in and out of class.

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Kindermusik Fosters Musical Learning and Progress from Level to Level, Year after Year

This is no “one and done” experience.  In fact, it can be an incredible, life-changing journey spanning up to six levels and as much as seven years.  Each level of Kindermusik brings new music, new learnings, and more musical concepts.

At the end of the Kindermusik journey, you both have a heart full of memories and music, and your child is perfectly poised to take the next step into formal music lessons.  It’s truly a beautiful thing!

Kindermusik Nurtures a Love of Music That Will Last a Lifetime

There are many gifts we can give our children during their early childhood, but none is more precious, more meaningful, or more lasting than the gift of a love of music.

No matter what your child does with such a strong foundation in music, their life will be forever changed, improved, and enriched as a result of early musical training in a program like Kindermusik.

So there you have it – our reasons why Kindermusik classes are the perfect experience gift, a gift that will bring happiness, smiles, and fond remembrances for the rest of their lives.  Go ahead, add it to your gift list.  You’ll be glad you did!

Shared by Theresa Case who has been helping upstate South Carolina families experience the gift of Kindermusik at Piano Central Studios for over 20 years now.

For more music, ideas, and fun, and to find a class near you, visit Kindermusik.com. 

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