Bringing musical learning to children in Beirut

With Kindermusik classes in more than 70 countries, we receive stories from parents and teachers from all over the world. While each story is unique, music—and the power of learning through music—connects them all.
Kindermusik Class in BeirutTake the story of children attending Kindermusik at Learn & Play in Beirut, Lebanon, for example. Last year this pioneer nursery in Lebanon began offering two Kindermusik curricula: ABC Music & Me  and ABC English & Me. Since then, the parents and teachers have loved seeing the children completely engaged in learning through songs and instruments while also gaining confidence in making their own music. Of course, the parents and teachers appreciate how the curricula use music and movement to teach children lifelong skills.
The ABC Music & Me music program for schools is specifically designed to support the development of the whole child from birth through school age. Teachers at Learn & Play notice that it combines children’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play while developing their attention skills, social skills, verbal memory, listening skills, and sound discrimination.
Kindermusik in BeirutLearn & Play teaches children French, Arabic, and English. Since using ABC English & Me to introduce young children to English as a second language, children can now count, sing, and name different parts of the body using English. Music is a great way to help children become familiar with English and the different visuals and animated stories used in ABC English & Me make it easy for children to interact and learn English.

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