5 Reasons Why Music Classes are Good for Babies' Brains

BabyMusicClasses_KindermusikInternational_BannerEvery activity that your baby participates in contributes to his or her brain development, but the quality, variety, and nature of the activity shape the way neural circuits are designed.  Every experience stimulates certain neural circuits and leaves others idle.  Those that are consistently activated over time will be strengthened, while those that frequently left idle may be discarded.  (adapted from zerotothree.org)

That’s why…  The combination of a weekly Kindermusik class and utilizing the music and resources in your Kindermusik @Home Materials are so powerful.  Repetition strengthens the brain!

“…[O]ver time, the brain reacts to routine stimulus by lowering levels of stimulation.  Anything new causes the body to release adrenaline, and adrenaline acts a memory fixative.  According to Arnold Scheibel, Director of the Brain Research Institute as UCLA, ‘Unfamiliar activities are the brain’s best friend.’”  (from Smart Start!:  Building Brain Power in the Early Years, by Pam Schiller)

That’s why…  Kindermusik classes regularly include a mix of new and repeated activities.

Holding your little one in a variety of positions and moving him or her in different ways allows him/her to experience a variety of perspectives, which stimulates brain development.

That’s why… Your Kindermusik educator will give you lots of ideas for safe and enjoyable ways to move your baby, and your Kindermusik @Home Materials will give you a variety of music to move to at home.

Environments enriched with music and movement allow brain cells and neuropathways to be strengthened and expanded.  With more interconnections, the brain learns and remembers more effectively.

That’s why… Kindermusik, with the way it so effectively combines music and movement, is such a powerful way to stimulate learning and brain development.

Your baby must be emotionally involved in an activity to learn.  Incoming sensory stimulation is processed first through the brain’s non-rational, non-conscious limbic system, the seat of emotion, and only then goes to the neocortex, or rational brain.

That’s why… Your Kindermusik classes will give you lots of opportunities to connect and bond with your baby at deep and lasting emotional levels.

– Compiled and written by Theresa Case, who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC

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