4 ways after-school programs help students who may be at risk

Elementary Curriculum - ABC Music & MeFor students who may be at risk, school can be a place to eat a warm meal, access and read books, and play safely outside with friends. When the bell rings at the end of the day, many underserved students leave the safety and structure of school for an environment less than ideal. However, quality after-school programs can provide many benefits for children, especially those students who may be most at risk.
The Afterschool Alliance reviewed dozens of studies on after school programs in the United States. The Summary of Formal Evaluations of
 the Academic Impact of Afterschool Programs found four reoccurring themes that showed how an after-school curriculum impacts underserved students.

4 key ways quality after-school program curriculum impacts students who may be at risk

  1. At-risk students who participate in after-school programs show improved school attendance and measurable increases in learning engagement during regular school hours.
  2. At-risk students enrolled in an after-school curriculum improve test scores and grades, including in the areas of literacy and math.
  3. The frequency and duration that students who may be at risk participate in after-school programs is directly correlated to the positive benefits of attendance.
  4. Students at the greatest risk show the greatest gains from participating in an after school program curriculum.

After-school curriculum uses music to teach early language and literacy

Created by Kindermusik International, ABC Music & Me uses the proven cognitive benefits of music to boost the school readiness skills of young learners, including students who may be at risk. ABC Music & Me can be used as an after school curriculum to help all students experience gains in phonological and phonemic awareness, boost vocabulary acquisition, increase self-control abilities, and grow gross motor skills through whole body movement. In fact, participation in just 30 minutes a week delivers a 32 percent literacy gain!
Here’s what one Executive Director of an early learning center (and one of the first schools to use ABC Music & Me) said about how music, and ABC Music & Me, reaches at-risk children in her community.

Learn more about using ABC Music & Me as an after school program curriculum for young learners, including students who may be at risk. Email us at info@abcmusicandme.com and request a demonstration to experience firsthand our customizable options for after-school programs.

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