3 Ways Music-Based Rituals Help Alleviate Back-to-School Change

The past few months have brought lots of uncertainty and requirements for change in how we educate children. Change—especially for children in any capacity—is hard, but one thing always helps…music! Here are 3 quick tips on how music-based rituals can help alleviate transitions (like drop-off times and mask-wearing) and enhance child and family engagement. 

3 Ways Educators Can Use Music-Based Rituals to Reduce Stress for Families

  1. Share new school year musical rituals with families before classes begin. Want to use a “good morning” song as children log on or walk through the classroom door? That’s a great way to help set the tone for the day and mitigate emotional drop-off times. But if parents and caregivers don’t know the routine, it can make it awkward for everyone. Email a notice of all new routines or, better yet, make a video demonstrating how they’ll be used, and encourage families to start using them at home first! 
  2. Support physical distancing AND social-emotional development with seated or outdoor musical activities. You can still lead in-person music and movement activities while the children are seated or standing at their tables or desks. Ideally, you can take the whole class outside to allow them to move, sing, and play a bit more freely! Either option is perfect for moving them from one subject to another, refocusing little ones who might be overwhelmed with energy, and reinforcing that critical social-emotional connection while maintaining a required physical distance.
    PreK Student uses a music-based ritual to transition to the next subject.
  3. Keep virtual learners engaged with songs that connect to each lesson. One of the most difficult parts of the new virtual learning curve is recreating familiar classroom activities. In order to really capture attention, give children a sense of security and focus by connecting songs or rhymes to the content you want to teach. You can lead a song online in a variety of ways—with a fingerplay, small hand motions, or by getting students to participate with “homemade” instruments. Children 3 and younger should likely have an adult with them during this experience. Not only is it fuel for bonding, it encourages parents and caregivers to repeat activities and reinforce strategies after class!
    3 Ways Music-Based Rituals Alleviate Back-to-School Change

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So, what’s the ultimate goal? Upholding new requirements while keeping your children’s social-emotional development in check, whatever your pandemic teaching environment may be.

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