World’s Biggest Playgroup – Nov 10 in Minneapolis

Posted October 14, 2009

At Kindermusik, we always say, "The More, The Merrier!" It’s part of our mission to change the world through music, one child – and one family – at a time. Plus, children love being around children. You've seen how their eyes light up when another child is in the room.

In November, we are once again adding a little music, a few dance steps, some jingles and shakers, happy giggles, and lots of memories to our familiar mantra. How and when will this all be happening, you ask? At the World’s Biggest Playgroup in Minneapolis!

KI is again participating in the World’s Biggest Playgroup event sponsored by Babytalk. This event is being held on November 10th at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Kindermusik International is one of the featured partners at the event, and Maestro educator Helen Peterson (along with a few other Kindermusik educators) will be leading the four 20 minute Kindermusik segments during this half day event. If you live in the area, you just have to witness this. It is really something.

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