Why Parents Repeating Themselves is Good for Babies

Every parent looks forward to hearing that first word, first sentence, first conversation…and early repetition is key. 

Research gives insight into the kind of parent-baby verbal interaction that can best spur on early language development, so that by the time the baby becomes a toddler, they actually have a larger vocabulary. 

Your pediatric provider probably reminds you to “talk, talk, talk” at every check-up. Yes, talking is a great way to pump up language skills, but the secret is to “repeat, repeat, repeat.” And music can help.  

Mom uses early repetition while singing to baby about objects outside the window.

Parents who repeat words more often to their infants have children with better language skills a year and a half later

Rochelle Newman, PhD, UMD Department of Hearing and Speech

“Parents who repeat words more often to their infants have children with better language skills a year and a half later,” said co-author Rochelle Newman, professor and chair of UMD’s Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences (HESP). ” 

Early Repetition through Songs

Repetition has always been a cornerstone of Kindermusik’s approach to music and learning.  Songs and rhymes are repeated from week to week in class, not only because the children love them, but because repetition strengthens the brain.

In fact, the way we choose songs for for an age level class is based around  they way certain words and phrases rhyme and are repeated.  For example, “Jelly in the Bowl,” is a family favorite both in class and at home. Try it out a few days in a row with your littles in the kitchen. Watch them grasp on to the concept, motions, and words!

Early Repetition through Read-Aloud

Our Kindermusik story time in every class also helps strengthen language skills through repetition as the same book is usually repeated for at least four lessons.  Just like the songs, the books in the Kindermusik library are also chosen with care, tying in to the unit theme and reinforcing those budding language skills right from the start.

Mom and 10-month-old daughter reading a board book during Kindermusik class.

Early Repetition at Home

School, group music classes, or any other activity you have scheduled for your child are wonderful opportunities to practice early repetition. But the most effective repetition happen at home. For little ones (and really for everyone), their safest space generates the most creativity. That’s why Kindermusik is big on equipping families with the tools they need (like class stories, albums, and activities within our free app) to keep that rich learning experience going.

Mom and toddler daughter practicing early repetition at home with Kindermusik instruments and songs on the app.

Bottom line? Early repetition should be FUN for kids, and EASY for parents (in class, at home, and on the go).

We can help you get started with early repetition tools. Find a Kindermusik class near you!

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