What do children think of the Beatles?

I'm not sure why this article tickles my funny bone so much, but it does. Maybe it's just how perfectly it represents what happens when you (a) gather a posse of kids and (b) try to engage them in some serious research.

The author gathers five children (ages 6, 6, 6, 7, and 8) – and promises them one toffee bar apiece – if they'll just listen to some Beatles tunes and share their thoughts.

A smattering from the kids' responses:

Hey Jude: 

“Why is he singing like a girl?” asks Rowan. “This is boring.”

She’s Leaving Home (inspired by a news report about a young runaway): Rowan offers her view first.

“It’s a calm song. It’s about a wife creeping around in her dressing gown and telling her husband that the baby has gone.”

“The baby has gone to America,” adds Isabella.

“Actually,” corrects Pearl, “the baby went to Alaska.”

She Loves You

“I thought it was quite strange,” comments Rowan when the song is over.

“It’s different from most of the songs I’ve heard.”

“I loved it,” says Isabella. Why? “I don’t really know.”

After musing for a while, index finger lodged in nostril, Fred concludes: “It’s good.”


Read the whole article here:


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