Want to increase kids' reading and math grades? Fine-tune those fine-motor skills!

Who knew that there could be a correlation between good penmanship and better grades in school?  But that’s exactly what new research has revealed.

The foundation for a child’s fine-motor skills is laid in the first six years or so of life.

Good penmanship starts with enhanced fine-motor skills – learning how to use and coordinate finger, hand, and wrist muscles.  Even very young children can engage in developmentally appropriate activities like instrument play and fingerplays that develop those ever-so-crucial fine motor skills.
Because of its process-oriented approach, Kindermusik provides the perfect pressure-free environment and the support of easy-to-use ideas for fine motor skill practice and development.  From the early stages of grabbing at an instrument to the more advanced stages of confidently manipulating a small glockenspiel mallet, Kindermusik uses the power of music to enhance yet another area of your child’s development, that of fine motor skills.
You’ll love this delightful video of two toddlers doing the Kindermusik fingerplay, “Tommy Thumbs Up,” at the lunch table.  Can’t wait to see what good penmanship and great grades these two cuties will have later in school!

Tommy Thumbs Up fingerplay - good grades in school “Tommy Thumbs up, and Tommy Thumbs down.
Tommy Thumbs dancing all around the town.
Dancing on my shoulders, dancing on my head,
Dancing on my knees, now tuck them into bed!”

Learn more about how Kindermusik can help your child fine-tune his or her fine-motor skills at www.Kindermusik.com.

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