Want 10 free music download credits at play.kindermusik.com?

(NOTE: the survey has been closed at this time. Thanks to those who participated!)

If you have been to Kindermusik.com in the last 90 days, just complete this short survey to claim 10 free download credits! Survey responses are completely anonymous. Parent and caregiver feedback is so important to us. We really appreciate you taking the time to help us make improvements.

Click this link to take the survey.

You will be given a promotional code for the free music downloads at survey completion. Thanks!

2 Replies to “Want 10 free music download credits at play.kindermusik.com?”

  1. Our son loves the Kindermusic program at Bucktown Music. Jessica is an excellent teacher and the owners are great.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kimiyo! Jessica is definitely an excellent educator and runs a wonderful program. We know you are in good hands! Thanks for sharing the comment.

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