Vestibular System: Finding the Right Balance

Destin HarborFor parents with young children, Life Balance is a mythical beast! A hammock gently swaying in a warm ocean breeze as you watch ships leave the harbor or the quiet creaking of a porch swing in the dappled afternoon sunlight can bring thoughts of a little Life Balance in an increasingly complex world. For parents of children under 2, however, the nursery glider moving back and forth at 10:16pm, 2:01am, and 5:34am might be the closest you can get to that beach or front porch. It can work in a pinch though!

All that nursery rocking reinforces balance of a different kind in young children. The rocking, swaying, and movement stimulate children’s vestibular system, the part of the brain that controls balance. In Kindermusik class, we rock to lullabies, bounce on knees, and even make hammocks out of blankets to help young children begin to develop their sense of balance and to reinforce balance and stability in young walkers.

Try this with the swaying activity with the children in your life for a little balance!




This activity supports more than vestibular development. Children also develop vocabulary, language skills, and make emotional connections with a loving caregiver!

Looking for more ideas on how to support the development of your child? Visit a Kindermusik class and get connected with an early childhood expert!

Contributed by Lisa Camino Rowell a freelance writer in the Atlanta area.

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