Twitter Word of the Day: “Kinder”

From Twitter, July 5-6, 2009.


  • chloe_louise13: Is running the kinder room by myself today. My god is it hard work!
  • reportbusiness: The kinder and more thoughtful a person is, the more kindness they can find in other people. (Leo Tolstoy)
  • esachsenmaier: spent a lazy july afternoon wandering the new kinder gentler manhattan – bike lanes, high line, and lawn chairs in times square
  • apmom: Is it bad that I am having panic attacks when I think about sending Alex to kinder? It's over a month away and he's my 3rd kid.
  • HeidiNoelle: Finding out that traveling the kinder road is the sweeter road.
  • melomargarita: Off to Kinder Camp!
  • lisarosepickard: Dear Monday, I really wish we got along better. I wish you were kinder to me. Maybe one day I won't dread spending time with you.
  • jennjenn323: My son's first day of Kinder. So amazing.
  • tjandthesound: New backpack, clean shirt and breakfast. Kinder will never be the same. God save the teachers!
  • wisebody: Good morning everyone! “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” Smile and make someone’s day!
  • libertylights: I'm working with a friend on a project that seeks a kinder, more thoughtful conversation on today's sticky issues!
  • MakikiGirl: @eggiepuff Thank YOU! I'm so happy I comforted you. I don't always succeed when I try. I'm working on being kinder in general. I care. :c)
  • Guayakizy: After a three day weekend, going back to work feels like your first day in kinder garden XD



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